U.S. Bags Four Medals at the World Cadet Champs

Team USA bagged four medals at the World Cadet Championships, held from November 4-15 in Santiago, Spain. Congratulations to Yuvraj Chennareddy (gold, Under 8 Open) Evelyn Qiao (Girls Under 8, bronze), Nico Chasin (Under 12 Open, bronze) and Erick Zhao (Under 10, silver).

Yuvraj Chennareddy clinched gold with a round to spare, and returned to his winning ways today to finish with an outstanding 10.5/11, 1.5 points ahead of the field. Yesterday we quoted Raj’s coach GM Mesgen Amanov and IM Kostya Kavutskiy, who coached him at the event. Today, we hear from Raj himself, where he also discussed his last two games.

In the 10th game, I spent lot of time in the opening and middle game as the opponent was blitzing out and felt time pressure in the end. I knew that I could win that game if I had more time. But didn’t wanna make any blunders and went for draw. I crushed my opponent in the 11th round and feels really good. Thanks to my coaches Mesgen and Kostya.

Raj also gave a shout-out to Fabiano Caruana, who is deadlocked in his own World Championship match. “Of course, I’m rooting for Caruana. He’s a great positional player. I like his style of play. Best wishes to Fabi from me and team USA!”
Erick Zhao tied for first in the Open Under 10, earning silver on tiebreak. You can watch a video with Erick on chessable here, giving some insight into his preparation. 

In the Open Under 12, Nico Chasin tied for second through fifth with Arthur Guo, with Nico getting the bronze medal on tiebreak and Arthur placing fourth.

Evelyn Qiao took bronze in the Girls Under 8.

Evelyn Qiao, wearing sponsor Two Sigma jacket, Photo Grant Oen

Can you find the mate in two in her final game?

Many thanks to sponsor Two Sigma for their continuing support of US Chess. and our hardworking coaches led by Aviv Friedman (Head of Delegation), Robert Hungaski (assistant HoD), Andranik Matikozyan, Alex Lenderman, Armen Ambatsoumian and Kostya Kavutskiy.
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  1. So proud of our team USA! What a dedicated and passionate group of kids, families and coaches! Congrats to all the winners and participants.

  2. Yuvraj and Erick earned the CM title, which can be claimed when their FIDE ratings are at least 2000 per FIDE regulation B.062

    Evelyn earned the WCM title, and Nico the CM title, but these titles are redundant as Evelyn is already a WCM and Nico is an FM.

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