Three Advance to Third Round in World Cup

Leinier Dominguez, Wesley So, and Jeffery Xiong are through to the third round of the 2019 FIDE World Cup. There So meets India’s Santosh Gujrathi Vidit, while Dominguez is paired with China’s Wang Hao, and Xiong takes on Anish Giri of the Netherlands.

Hikaru Nakamura and Sam Sevian are both out after losing their second round mini-matches. Nakamura lost to Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu 1.5-0.5, while Sevian was defeated by Sergey Karjakin 2-0. The score flattered Nakamura a bit, as he was dead lost when the draw was offered after the necessary 30 moves.

Hikaru Nakamura (Kiriill Merkuryev)

So-Demchenko (Kiriill Merkuryev)

Only So was able to advance during ‘regulation play,’ or without need for the tiebreak round. His win over Demchenko in the second leg of their mini-match was a positional tour-de-force.

In most rounds, So’s stellar play would have earned him the “star player of the day” award. But the young Iranian phenom Alireza Firouzja shone brightest with this absolute gem of a game against Danil Dubov. Short on time, he repeated the position twice to gain time for calculation, and then uncorked this brilliant shot on his 37th move. Dubov later told the best game jury in Khanty-Mansiysk that this was “his most spectactular loss ever.”

Leiner Dominguez and Jeffery Xiong both scored 2-0 in the rapid portion of the playoffs to advance to the third round. But Dominguez nearly tripped himself up in the first playoff game against Nijat Abasov, playing for an attack that was deeply flawed.

Leinier Dominguez (Kiriill Merkuryev)

Abasov went for broke in the second leg of the rapid match, but Dominguez handled things well and took the full point.

Jeffery Xiong (Kiriill Merkuryev)

Jeffery Xiong’s match win over M.amin Tabatabaei was less eventful, with Xiong outplaying Tabatabaei in both games.

Monday’s third round pairings:

Firouzja Alireza (IRI) — Ding Liren (CHN)

Giri Anish (NED) — Xiong Jeffery (USA)

Jakovenko Dmitry (RUS) — Vachier-Lagrave Maxime (FRA)

So Wesley (USA) — Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (IND)

Tomashevsky Evgeny (RUS)  — Nepomniachtchi Ian (RUS)

Aronian Levon (ARM) — Matlakov Maxim (RUS)

Safarli Eltaj (AZE) — Mamedyarov Shakhriyar (AZE)

Dominguez Perez Leinier (USA) — Wang Hao (CHN)

Xu Xiangyu (CHN) — Grischuk Alexander (RUS)

Radjabov Teimour (AZE) —  Yuffa Daniil (RUS)

Le Quang Liem (VIE) — Artemiev Vladislav (RUS)

Yu Yangyi (CHN) — Wei Yi (CHN)

Vitiugov Nikita (RUS) — Karjakin Sergey (RUS)

Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter (DEU) — Svidler Peter (RUS)

Duda Jan-Krzysztof (POL) — Andreikin Dmitry (RUS)

Alekseenko Kirill (RUS) — Harikrishna Pentala (IND)


The third round starts Monday at 6am EDT. Live commentary is available on the FIDE YouTube channel in English, Russian, and Spanish.

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2019 World Cup Official Webpage

Pairings and Results

Live YouTube Coverage (daily, 6am EDT)


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