The Unstoppable Wesley So: 50 Games Without a Loss

Wesley So - 50 Games

Wesley So keeps outdoing himself. Days ago, he broke into the World Top 3 for the first time, behind only World Champion Magnus Carlsen and U.S. Champion Fabiano Caruana. Today, his undefeated streak reaches 50 games with his 7th round draw against Pavel Eljanov at Tata Steel Masters.

Although the current record for games without a loss is Tal’s 95 game undefeated run in 1972, So’s streak is especially impressive because his competition has been mostly 2700+ players. His current live rating is 2816.6.

In addition, at the halfway point, Wesley So is the sole leader at Tata Steel. World Champion Magnus Carlsen, Pavel Eljanov, and prodigy Wei Yi trail behind him by half a point.

Carlsen had chances to tie with So today, but missed a checkmate in 3 (or significant win of material) in an 100+ move marathon game against Anish Giri. Can you find what the World Champion overlooked?

Magnus Carlsen vs. Anish Giri

White to move.

So’s excellent technique in his 5th round game against Pentala Harikrishna gave him the full point at a key moment, leapfrogging him into the lead.

Here are So’s thoughts after the game:

In 2016, So added the Sinquefield Cup and an Olympiad gold medal to his achievements, will Tata Steel be next?

Watch live games and commentary for round 8 tomorrow, starting at 7:30 AM EST.

For more information, visit the Tata Steel Official Website.


  1. Well, I saw the checkmate presented as “mate in three” for Carlsen over Giri, but for mate in three it is cooked by Nd8 and/or Re8. I knew it had to be a check, because otherwise black can check and there is no mate in three. I never did find the mate, then I saw that an incorrect solution was presented.

    Clearly, Rc8 would win after Re8, Rxe8, Qxe8, Bxe8, but to label it as “mate in three” is an error. The “mate in three” however is important because Giri has to sac the queen to prevent it, it’s just not “mate in three.”

    • GM So is +4 after 10 rounds; World Champion GM Carlsen, his challenger GM Karjakin and GMs Aronian, Eljanov and Wei are a full point back at +2. Both Karjakin and Eljanov face Carlsen in the last 3 rounds; So and Wei meet in the penultimate round. Aronian has by far the most promising schedule in the remaining games. This is a true championship performance from the Filipino-American super-GM, folks. Expect more to come.

  2. another honor to philippines fanatics..before..boxing, nxt miss universe…now chess..(although Wesley So is representing USA/pinoy blood pa rin)….mabuhay kayo…

  3. and to add it all, i have the honor to play wesley (25 boards simul exhibition)…at the chess festival in las vegas nevada prior to his winning the 1st millionnaire chess championships. i was second to the last to shake his hands, and to resign kasi mukhang balak akong matihin ng bishop chk…although… the game was drawish as per analysis of the champ…kung nakita ko…eh..hindi nakita..ang labas “nikita” ni elton john…

  4. wesley the whole community from national city chess club…san diego..greets u by congratulating…you wrap up tata steel…and …philippines is back to the chess scene as well as USA….

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