The November Check is in the Mail


It is a rare player who can attain a Master’s rating in both OTB and in correspondence play.  Such a player is Kevin Bachler of Park Ridge, IllinoisKevin’s successes in correspondence chess are well known to readers of this newsletter.  He has won two Walter Muir tournaments.  He played through APCT and was invited to the Fourth North American Invitational Correspondence Championship.  John Wright of Canada won that event, suffering his only loss to Kevin. That game can be found later in this issue,

Correspondence chess was different in 1983, Kevin notes, because computers didn’t have an impact in terms of databases or analysis (today international correspondence allows computer use; the USCF restricts it).

In 1982 he made Master OTB and soon made Life Master, and FIDE Master.  He added a Level V Professional Chess Coach title and FIDE Trainer.  Nicknamed the “Caveman” for his style of play, he just recently won the OTB Caveman Open 2015 with a perfect score.


This game from two years ago shows Kevin on his way to improving his Expert’s rating to Master.


And you thought you had it tough because your opponent’s handwriting was difficult to read…

Quote: In one of the ICCF tournaments, a Russian player offered  a bribe to toss the game which was politely refused.  He proceeded to hack into his opponent’s  home computer, resign all his games, steal his credit card information and otherwise create havoc in his life.  The arbiter of the tournament didn’t believe him and it went downhill from there.  For something that is supposed to be for enjoyment, he really doesn’t need that aggravation.


John Collins

Thomas Buchanan   14C01   5-1

Joseph Kuhajda       14C01   5-1

Everett Luoma         13C08   5-1

Thomas Breuers       13C07  5 ½-½

Joshua Kuzmen       13C21   5 ½-½

David Birozy                14C13   5-1

Daniel Tulloh           14C13   5-1

Swift Quad

Jessica Crouch      15SQ04   6-0

Walter Muir

David Wright           15W24   4 ½-1 ½\

David Wright        15W30   5 ½-½

Trophy Quad

Ben McGahee         14Q03   5-1

Alan Bokiev        14Q03    5-1


Do you have an interesting miniature game (20 moves and under) you would like to see published ?   Remember, December is Miniature Game Month so send it in!

For those of you who like to gambit a Pawn to enter into a successful endgame, here is an excellent example.


Frank G. Lach of Willoughby, OH.  Frank was born June 13, 1930 and died Sep 2015.

This exciting game was a decisive element in  Eliza/s 6-0 finish.

When White misses his way on Move 31, Black finds his.

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