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Michael Buss Wins 2010 Golden Knights


Michael Buss of Indianapolis, Indiana, scored fifteen wins and three draws to win the 2010 Golden Knights. Michael has been in the winner’s circle before – tied for first and second in the 2006 Golden Knights, second in the 2008 Golden Knights, and second in the 2012 Electronic Knights, but this time he stands all alone in first place.  Second and third place in the 2010 final  were held by Laurence Bonsack and Patrick Ryan, respectively.


Black’s crippled kingside is the culprit in this game because Black cannot generate enough play to compensate for White’s queenside advantage.

“The principle attraction of correspondence chess is the freedom to play chess as and when it suits you.”

-Stan Steliga


John Collins

Brent Askvig        14C15    4 ½-1 ½

Mark Colvin         14C15    4 ½-1 ½

Swift Quad

Allan Ong        15Q11      4-2

Keith Storey    15SQ11    4-2


Lance Schuttenhelm  14P02  5-1

Clive Pitcher              14P02  5-1

Walter Muir

Joseph Hawkins       16W13   5-1

Howard Turner        16W18   5-1

Sachin Singhal         16W18   5-1

Brian Higgins          16W12  5-1


Remember!  The 2017 Absolute Championship is open for you.  The thirteen highest rated players who apply will be selected to play in this year’s Absolute.  Unlike other US Chess CC events, computer assisted play is allowed in the Absolute.  So fire up those engines and send in your application now.  Entry is free and there will be prize money offered to the first three places.

A pretty mate with two Knights:

Black opts for the more spectacular Rook sacrifice on e5 rather than the one of the Knights.

The ballet of the Knights from Moves 2 to 36 is noteworthy.

White operates with a number of back rank mating threats, but it is a check by Black on White’s back rank that ultimately does White in.

The pin wins.


Three Pawns ahead, the Queen is forced to dance to a perpetual chase.

An instructive game — after Move 7, White always stands better on the kingside.

Patrick Ryan shows some of the tactics needed to finish third in the Golden Knights.


Michael Buss                 40.60

Laurence Bonsack       37.35

Patrick Ryan                  35.00

Gary Adams                  34.00

Robert Miehm               32.90

James Rhodes                 32.90

Daniel Woodard           32.90

Thomas Connelly          31.15

Leo Bonnell                   30.10

Edward Addis               26.15

A. J. Zeppa      `              24.50

Abe Wlson                     21.60

Stephen McGregor        19.20

Ramsey Forbush            16.65

This is what can happen when you lose a Pawn on Move 4 against a player with strong technique.


  1. The Game of the Month is excellent. I want to commend Michael Buss for his insightful and precise annotations and power play chess! Centralization was an important theme in this game as well as the instructive rook lift. A great correspondence game to learn from!

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