The Florida Panthers Partner with Champions Chess

On October 15th over 120 chess fans gathered for an amazing event at the BB&T Center in Sunrise Florida.  Steve Abrahams and Bryan Tillis the directors of Champions Chess LLC and Full-Time chess teachers at Franklin Academy-Palm Beach Gardens were able to partner with the Florida Panthers NHL Hockey organization for a day of chess and hockey.


Organizers Steve Abrahams & Bryan Tillis

The First event of the day was a K-12 USCF Rated 4 round Tournament.  About 50 students participated in this part of the day.

The K-3 Section was won by:

Cameron Coe 4/4




The K-5 Section was won by:

Nicholas Hillberg 3.5/4




The K-12 Section was won by:

David Thomas 4/4


The second event of the day was a Grandmaster Blitz Spectacle event.  Grandmaster Sandro Pozo Vera & Grandmaster Renier Gonzalez played against each other in a best three out of five 3-0 blitz match for the crowd.  The match was won by GM Gonzalez 3-0.


GM Sandro Pozo Vera vs. GM Renier Gonzalez

Next the crowd got to see their coaches Life Master Tillis and National Expert Abrahams try their hand at taking on the GMs in 2 blitz games.  In four highly contested games, GM Pozo Vera was able to beat NM Tillis 1.5-.5 and GM Gonzalez was able to beat Expert Abrahams 2-0.


And here is a crazy double edged draw between NM Tillis & GM Pozo Vera:

There were clearly some missed opportunities at the end of the game, but both players were well under 5 seconds for the last 10 moves.

Clearly neither play had a problem with the game:


LM Bryan Tillis vs. GM Sandro Pozo Vera

Next the students had their chance to play the GMs as well as their coaches in time odds games 3 minutes to 5 minutes for the chance to win prizes!




GM Gonzalez, Expert Steve Abrahams, LM Bryan Tillis, & GM Pozo Vera take on all comers in 3-5 Blitz

Lastly everyone got the chance to relax and attend that night NHL Hockey Game between the Florida Panthers and the Detroit Redwings.


Please visit for more information about future events as well as more pictures and videos from the 10/15 event


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