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Tired of constantly having to live in a right-handed world?  Fed up with “white on the right”  rules and regulations?  Do you want your chessboard to reflect your view of the world?  Well now you can! Now on sale at the Left Handers’ Chess Federation at a special rate of only 50% more than a standard chessboard.  Buy one (or two for left handed bughouse games) of these left handed chessboards — dark square on the left side – now before April 1st  is gone!

And remember when using this board, the Queen does not go on its own color – the Black Queen goes on a white square and the White Queen a dark square, depending on your fashion sense.

28th World Champion  Leonardo Ljubicic


Leonardo Ljubicic of Croatia is the new World Champion of correspondence chess, the 28th.  In an interview with ChessBase he was asked, “Today’s chess engines are much stronger than the best humans and many people wonder about the role of humans in correspondence chess.  What can you do that the engines cannot do?”

Ljubicic’s answer: “It is indeed impossible to achieve any significant result in today’s correspondence chess without engines and databases. But we humans play, not the engines, and the input of humans mainly effects two areas: a) the choice of a suitable opening, and b) steering the engine toward (or away) from certain types of position.

“If you want to be successful in top correspondence chess you can only play a certain set of openings because you simply cannot afford one single sub-optimal move – if you do, you will sooner or later regret it.  That’s as certain as death and taxes.”


Ljubicic plays a popular opening with some nuanced improvements until Black’s over-optimistic fourteenth.


Frank Spooner, Jr. is setting up a web site in honor of his late father Frank Spooner, Sr.  He is requesting opponents of Frank Sr. send their games or game fragments to him in CBH, PGN, or SCID file formats (though PGN is preferred) to [email protected].  Frank had a deep affection for correspondence chess.  Now is your chance to honor him.


15W02 Champion Charles Jacobs


 Charles Jacobs of Anchorage, Alaska put together an undefeated result to win a closely contested quad, his third Walter Muir victory.


Trophy Quads

Andrew Smith           15Q08   6-0

Lance Schuttenhelm  14Q01  5-1

John Collins

Zachary Dressner  15C09  6-0

Jay Roy Hall         13C23  4 ½-1 ½

Walter Muir

Vincent Sereni   15W39    5 ½-½

Rama Gitananda 15W36   6-0

Errol Acosta            15W37  5-1

Swift Quad

Kairav Joshi         14SQ10  4 ½-1 ½

Kenneth Lopez 14SQ12  5-1

Black makes what looks like a reasonable capture on Move 28.  White proves it is actually unreasonable with his 29th.

Quote:  Correspondence chess has become just pushing buttons on a machine – Nigel Short

Another game from Ljubicic’s championship run.  At the end Black can’t compete against White’s two passed Pawns.

White’s play is very sharp

An exciting game that proves draws can be interesting.

There are only a few pages in the dictionary between beautiful and brutal.  Where would you put this game ?


Complications galore !

Black’s positional exchange sacrifice pays handsome dividends when it is not countered by a reciprocal, exchange sacrifice on Move 20.


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