Tell Your Chess Story: A Game for Life

Orrin Hudson

We believe that everyone has a story, and that everyone who plays chess has a chess story. Tell yours to express yourself, share with US Chess members, and help us on our goal of growing the game.


Entries must be submitted to US Chess by July 14, 2017.

• Share your compelling, passionate story about how chess impacts your life by sending your 200-word email or 2-minute video to [email protected].

• Scholastic and or minor chess participants must have parental/guardian approval to participate.

• Participation in “Tell Your Chess Story” is subject to your local and state guidelines for entry.

• US Chess will select the top 10 “Tell Your Chess Story” entries to present in Chess Life and/or Chess Life for Kids upcoming magazine monthly editions (High resolution photo will be needed from winners for publications).

• Top 10 participant stories will be announced at the 2017 U.S. Open in Norfolk, Virginia.

Download full guidelines on Tell Your Chess Story brochure here. 


Photo from the K-1 section of the SuperNationals VI by Jim Doyle


  1. At your service. It happened in an instant. My mother had been killed with three other people in a plane crash. I remembered nothing about it or her. I saw photographs of her one half century later. My father was destroyed by World War 11 and alcoholism. Time to rock and roll. I remembered a black and red E.S. Lowe company plastic chess set with titanic immortal American grandmaster Frank J. Marshall’s beginner chess guide.. in the window of a Harahan, Louisiana drugstore. The totally alone little boy walks along Jefferson highway in the night with carlights shooting by.. to buy it. I put the chess set on my bedspread. Before my eyes thunder.A total world.I was long gone from darkness for the next 60 years. I wish I could bottle chess – give this world to everyone. I wish it would work for everyone. It literally saved my life, period, end of case, that’s all folks. Jude Acers/ New Orleans

  2. US CHESS..YOU ARE AUTHORIZED TO USE THIS IN ANY WAY.This is what happens when even savage critics are freely allowed to speak and may I remind everyone that the fantastic gutsy policy of opening up US CHESS web pages to the whole world will lead to a stunning renewal beyond words. People died, yes, some gave all for freedom to write on these pages, uncensored if humanly possible in this great nation.Make sure it was worth it.Get everybody in there. Let all the birds sing! Jude Acers/New Orleans

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