TD Certification Rules Updated February, 2022

There are a number of clarification changes that have been implemented in the Tournament Director Certification Rules, effective February 10, 2022. They slightly shorten the length of the rules, reduce redundancy and add some clarity.

  1. The minimum number of rounds is defined in the tournament type definition instead of in the certification requirements for each TD level. It is at least 3 for category D and at least 4 for categories A, B and C. The 30b6 substitution has thus been made slightly easier to do.
  2. Clarification that quick/blitz events are valid for upgrading to Local TD level.
  3. The standard Senior TD requirements are explicitly listed as regular/dual rated with quick/blitz being substitutions.
  4. Backward compatibility, such as using a category B event for a category C requirement, is explicitly allowed in the rules instead of being merely a TD Tip.
  5. The requirements for closed book Local TD or Senior TD exams have been moved to their own rules (26d and 30f) instead of being listed in the substitutions (26b5 and 30b10). They thus clearly supersede 26a and 30a, which some applicants had not realized before.

The complete details of these changes can be viewed in this document.

If you have any questions about the above changes, please contact the TD Certification email address at Click here to show email address.