SuperNationals VI is the Largest Rated Tourney Ever

SuperNationals VI is the largest rated tournament in history, with the final tally at 5577, surpassing the previous record of 5335 set at SuperNationals V. Franc Guadalupe, Events Director at US Chess, confirmed the total on Friday evening after no-shows and withdrawals were accounted for. He said he was thrilled to surpass the previous record by over 200 participants. “Congrats to all who have contributed to this record-breaking event!

The festivities began with blitz and bughouse (full results index here), with Max Lu, formerly the youngest US Chess master in history, shining with two victories, clear first in the K-6 Blitz and first in the bughouse along with his partner Drew Justice.

Nicolas Checa also started off well in his first Nationals, topping the K-12 Blitz on tiebreak.

The stars also arrived for festivities, including headliner Former World Champion and author Garry Kasparov:

The Main Event action began on Friday with the top boards in Open sections live each round. Early upsets included Clara McGrew, who defeated Christopher Wu in round 1 in the K-12 Open.

There were plenty of inspiring players for the Girls’ Club to look up to. US Chess caught up with the two most recent US Women’s Champions, Sabina Foisor and Nazi Paikidze:

Sabina wasn’t the only one to get a chess tattoo this round:


Chess fashion didn’t stop there as IM Greg Shahade, who is taking over the US Chess twitter this weekend, spotted some cool outfits:

Jim Doyle, who will also be contributing photography to Chess Life Magazine, also caught some great fashion.

Photo Jim Doyle

Live boards are broadcast from the top boards in each section. Check out some highlights from pre-tournament favorites and follow along as the action gets more intense tomorrow.

Follow pairings and standings on the official site, live games here, and our live twitter feed here.


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