A Streamers Convention on the August Chess Life Front Cover

Our August edition of Chess Life is now available for members, and it features a cover for the ages to back up our cover story by IM Eric Rosen (now available for all to download and read!) on "The New Chess Boom." Created by artist Neil Jamieson with art direction by Frankie Butler, it features a lot of faces you might recognize, and some that you may not know unless you're a dedicated Twitch Fan. This article provides a key to everyone on the cover along with their Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram handles. 

But first, here is just a taste of some of the excitement the cover has already generated on Twitter and Instagram:

Hikaru Tweet


Charlie Tweet


Jamieson Instagram

Here is the full cover with a numerical key added. The text to match the numbers is below the cover image. 

August CL Cover Key


The below table can be downloaded as an Excel file by clicking here. 







1 Greg Shahade gregshahade gregshahade gregshahade
2 Ben Finegold gmbenjaminfinegold ben_finegold BenFinegold
3 Hikaru Nakamura gmhikaru gmhikaru gmhikaru
4 Jon Ludvig Hammer gmjlh gmjlh gmjlh
5 Alexandra Botez botezlive alexandravbotez missbotez
6 Andrea Botez botezlive   itsandreabotez
7 Hammoudi Abdalrhman Yassuo Yassuo Yassuo
8 Eric Lamont Robbins Jr. erobb221 erobb222 erobb223
9 Janet Rose xChocoBars xChocoBars janetrosee
10 Hans Niemann IMHansNiemann HansCoolNiemann hans_niemann
11 Charles White moistcr1tikal moistcr1tikal bigmoistcr1tikal
12 Joseph Alminawi Swiftor Swiftor Swiftor
13 Kostya Kavutskiy hellokostya hellokostya hellokostya
14 Anna Rudolf anna_chess anna_chess annarudolf_chess
15 Jonathan Corbblah corbblah corbblah jonathancorbblah
16 Albert Zheng boxbox boxbox notboxbox
17 Shaun Hutchinson hutch hutchinson themightyhutch
18 Danny Rensch danielrensch danielrensch dannyrensch
19 Nymn nymn nymnion nymnion
20 Jennifer Yu jenniferryu   jenniferryu
21 Eric Rosen imrosen im_rosen ericrosenphotography
22 Ludwig Ahgren ludwig ludwigahgren ludwigahgren
23 Maria Emelianova photochess photochess photochess
24 Peter Svidler   polborta  
25 James Canty gmcanty gmcanty  
26 Ian Nepomniachtchi  lachesisq lachesisq  
27 Cemil Can Ali Marandi thelast7samurai thelast7samurai thelast7samurai
28 Joedat Esfahani voyboy voyboy voyboy
29 Sebastian Fors forsen forsen  
30 Sliker itssliker sliker sliker0161
31 Nate hill natehill natehilltv natehilltv
32 Tatev Abrahamyan tatev_a Tatev__A  
33 Josh Friedel joshfriedel joshfriedel  
34 Jesse Kraai chessdojolive jessekraai  
35 Robert Hess gmhess gm_hess rhess91
36 Leslie fuslie fuslie fuslie
37 Jennifer Shahade jenshahade jenshahade jenshahade
38 Fiona Steil-Antoni fionchetta fionchetta fionchetta
39 Victoria Lauren golddusttori golddusttori golddusttori
40 Kassa Korley Kassablanca12   kassakorley
41 Félix Lengyel xqcow xqc xqcow1
42 Kevin Teller papaplatte papaplatte papaplatte
43 Carissa Yip carissayip carissachess cyip910


And finally, here are some cover enlargements to make it easier to see some of the faces and numbers:


Enlargement 1
Enlargement 2
Enlargement 4


Enlargement 5