Russia and China Win World Teams

The Russian Open team and the Chinese Women’s team both clinched victory with a round to spare in the 2019 World Team Championship . The Russians defeated Sweden 3.5-0.5, leaving them an unassailable three match points ahead of India and England.

The Chinese Women downed the U.S. Women by a score of 3-1, leaving the Russian, Ukraine, and Georgian teams to battle for silver and bronze. This puts the American Women in seventh place with one round to go.

The U.S. Open team drew their match 2-2 against India. The Open team sits in fifth place before the final round tomorrow.


It looked for many moves that the U.S. would win this match, as GM Dariusz Swiercz worked to drive home his near-winning advantage against Indian top board GM Baskaran Adhiban. But Adhiban continued to set problems for Swiercz, and his tenacity was rewarded with a hard-fought draw and a drawn match for his team.

GM Sam Sevian defeated GM Krishnan Sasikiran after Sasikiran’s attack fizzled and Sevian collected too much material.


FM Carissa Yip and WCM Rochelle Wu continued to impress in today’s action, earning two draws for the Americans against much higher rated opposition. Yip, who entered the event rated 2279, has a current performance rating of 2402. Wu, rated 2120, is playing at a 2399 clip as the final round approaches.


Open Division:

Women’s Division:

Tomorrow the U.S. plays Iran in the Open section, while the Women take on Egypt. The final round begins three hours early, at 12pm local time, or 2am EST. Live on-site coverage is available at the official website:



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