Results in at Pan-Ams: Webster Wins Sixth Title

Congrats to Webster University's A team on winning the Pan American Championships in Columbus, Ohio with a score of 5.5-.5 Also qualifying for the Final Four are: 2nd: St. Louis University "A" 3rd: Texas Tech "A" 4th: University of Texas Rio Grande "A"
Find full crosstable here: The top four will journey to New York City's Marshall Club for the playoffs on Easter weekend in April 2018. Full story coming soon from Al Lawrence.


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Susan stated on social media last night that one of Webster's rivals are acting like sore losers and that "Our records were publicly challenged". If Webster has already been listed as the #1 seed for the Final Four in NYC, has their opponents challenge been ruled unvalid ?

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Susan and Paul know how to use social media.

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As I understand it, a story not on U.S. Chess News may have left the impression to some that a "B" team couldn't win the PanAms, as Webster's "B" once did. Any team can win. And any team that finishes among the top four U.S. teams qualifies its college to take any students it wants as a team to the Final Four. Additionally, the PanAms follow the rule that those in the very top score group can assert themselves co-champions, despite tiebreaks, a custom I certainly agree with. --Al Lawrence

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