Results are in at Denker, Barber and NGTOC

Results are in at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions (click link for pdf of final results), Barber tournament of K-8 Champions and National Girls Tournament of Champions. Rochelle Wu of Alabama took clear first in the NGTOC with 5.5/6, while Annie Wang of California took clear second with 5/6. Rochelle takes the title and the $5000 scholarship donated by Richard and Barbara Schiffrin. Four players tied for first in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, all with 5/6: Praveen Balakrishnan (Virginia), Edward Song (Michigan), Bryce Tiglon (Washington) and ZhaoZhi (George) Li of Illinois.
Praveen, Photo Jim Doyle
Praveen took the $5000 scholarship sponsored by the US Chess Trust on tiebreak.
Group shot of the Barber tournament of K-8 Champs, Photo Jim Doyle
The Barber K-8 Championship saw a tie for first between Christopher Shen of Ohio and Justin Wang of Texas, with Shen earning the 5K scholarship on tiebreak. Full story coming soon from Al Lawrence. Meanwhile, find more information on the official website, where you can browse crosstables for these events as well as the US Open. Also see our twitter and facebook feed for more photos and stories from the event.