Remembering GM Arthur Bisguier: Web Extra

This compilation by Dr. Alexey Root contains Chess Life and Chess Life & Review mentions of Arthur Bisguier from 1946-1975, organized by year, then sub-categorized by volume/issue/page/date. It includes any issue in which Bisguier is featured in a substantial way—such as winning or placing in a tournament, or if his games are presented—but does not include instances where Bisguier’s name was mentioned in passing or in an annotation to another game. Significant articles and events are highlighted in bold. Although 1975-2014 are not covered here, 1946-1975 embodies Bisguier’s peak playing years and is a good representation of his long chess career. Please note: Until the end of 1960, Chess Life was published twice a month, which is why, for example, March 5, 1947 is “No. 13.” Also, before 1961, new volumes began in September rather than in January. In November of 1969, Chess Life became Chess Life & Review. 1946
  • Vol. I, N 5, pg. 3 – United States Chess Federation’s 47th annual open tournament, Pittsburgh, PA, 1946. Bisguier listed among the top twenty participating players in a tournament advertisement (58 participants).
  • I, pg. 4 (January issue) – Same ad as above.
  • Vol. I, N 13, pg. 4 (March 5, 1947) – Intercollegiate Team Tournament, 1946. Featured game: H. Bernstein (Rutgers) vs. A. Bisguier (CCNY). Queen pawn opening, 46 moves. Bisguier lost.
  • Vol. I, N 15, pg. 4 (April 5, 1947) – Intercollegiate Rapid Transit, New York, 1946. Featured game: J. Faucher (Princeton) vs. A. Bisguier (CCNY). King pawn opening, 24 moves, descriptive notation. Bisguier won.
  • Vol. II, N 6, pg. 1 (November 20, 1947) – Bronx Empire City Championship, 1947. “Victory in the Bronx Empire City Championship went to Dr. Joseph Platz . . . Second was the 1946 defending champion A. Bisguier.”
  • Vol. II, N 8, pg. 1 (December 20, 1947) – Brooklyn Chess Club 6th annual lightning tournament. Bisguier mentioned as a participant. Tournament directed by Dr. Edward Lasker.
  • Vol. II, 14, pg. 4 (March 20, 1948) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship Finals, Open. Featured game: C. Pilnick vs. A. Bisguier. Ruy Lopez, 38 moves. Bisguier won. Annotation near the end states: “It’s all over. Bisguier, one of our up-and-coming youngsters, shows to good advantage in this well-played game.”
  • Vol. II, N 15, pg. 1 (April 5, 1948) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. “Bisguier, 18-year-old student at Pace Institute, wins the Manhattan Chess Club Championship. He succeeds former U.S. Champion Arnold Denker to the title.”
  • Vol. II, N 21, pg. 1 (July 5, 1948) – Experts Tournament. Bisguier listed as participant.
  • Vol. II, 22, pg. 1 (July 20, 1948) – U.S. Open, Baltimore, 1948. Bisguier listed as participant.
  • Vol. II, 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1948) – U.S. Junior (headline story). “Bisguier wins U.S. Junior.” No photos or games but results published. (A 1949 issue mentioned that this 1948 tournament had 50 players.)
  • Vol. II, 24, pg. 1 (August 20, 1948) – U.S. Junior. Round-by-round results of Bisguier winning U.S. Junior, but still no games.
  • Vol. III, 8, pg. 1 (December 5, 1948) – Manhattan Chess Club. Bisguier listed as defending champion.
  • Vol. III, N 11, pg. 4 (February 5, 1949) – Quote about Horowitz and Bisguier’s game: “Horowitz and Bisguier unintentionally discovered a rather important improvement in opening theory.” During their game, Bisguier found himself in trouble, but made four sacrifices to get a perpetual check. In the post-mortem, kibitzers discovered that Horowitz could have found a way out. But “in actual play such risky lines are anything but appealing.”
  • Vol. III, N 12, pg. 1 (February 20, 1949) – Fred Reinfeld’s article, Tournament Day Round by Round, mentions, but does not provide games for, Bisguier vs. Pilnick (round 5, Sicilian, 40 moves, draw) and Denker vs. Bisguier (round 6, Queen’s Gambit Declined, 48 moves, draw). Reinfeld wrote, “Denker and Bisguier played a dream of a game which showed these two fine tacticians at their best.”
  • Vol. III, N 13, pg. 4 (March 5, 1949) – U.S. Junior, 1948. Bisguier vs. G. Krause, annotated by Erich Marchand. 56 moves, draw.
  • Vol. III, N 15, pg. 1 (April 5, 1949) – Manhattan Chess Club. Headline, “Bisguier tops Manhattan Club” (second year in a row to win). Finkelstein article in the same issue also mentions this win.
  • Vol. III, N 15, pg. 2 (April 5, 1949) – Milton Finkelstein, in his Chess Life in New York column, wrote, “Rapid transit chess has been described as the curse of American play . . . Fine, Byrne, Bisguier, Pavey, Evans—all are or were inveterate rapid-transit fans.”
  • Vol. III, No. 15, 4 (April 5, 1949) – Manhattan International Tournament, 1948-1949. Game published and annotated by Fred Reinfeld, who wrote at the end, “Despite its flaws, the finest game of the tournament!” Also in the same issue: a diagram of Dr. Max Euwe vs. A. Bisguier, where Euwe plays a double exclam move on move 31.
  • Vol. III, N 20, pg. 4 (June 20, 1949) – Letter to the editor titled, “What Bisguier Overlooked,” gives a diagram and variation from a Platz game.
  • Vol. III, N 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1949) – U.S. Open, Omaha, NE. Bisguier is mentioned as tying for fourth place (fifth on tiebreak), losing to the winner Sandrin.
  • Vol. III, N 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1949) – U.S. Junior, Fort Worth, TX. Bisguier is listed as battling with 38 other juniors to try to defend his U.S. Junior title. (At the time, the U.S. Junior was an open. The U.S. Junior Closed didn’t start until 1966.) Bisguier tied for first with Larry Evans and Jim Cross but won the title on tiebreak.
  • Vol. IV, N 2, pg. 4 (September 20, 1949) – U.S. Junior, Fort Worth, TX. Bisguier vs. K. Smith. French Defense, 24 moves. Bisguier won.
  • IV, No. 3, pg. 1 (October 5, 1949) – Pittsburgh Downtown Y Open House. “Young expert” Bisguier gives a simul. (This might be the first mention of simuls by Bisguier; he gave many more later in his life.)
  • Vol. IV, N 16, pg. 4 (January 20, 1950) – Two games featured on the same page: U.S. Open, Omaha, 1949. Bisguier vs. R. Berg, annotated by Erich W. Marchand, 39 moves. Bisguier won. New York State Championship, Rochester, 1949. Lasker vs. Bisguier, annotated by Lasker, 71 moves, draw.
  • Vol. IV, N 12, pg. 1 (February 20, 1950) –YUGOSLAVIA WINS MATCH; Denker and Bisguier star for U.S.A. as Yugoslav Team Wins Radio Bout (front page, large font headline)
  • Vol. IV, N 13, pg. 1 (March 5, 1950) – Manhattan Chess Club championship. Bisguier fails to retain his club champ title and finishes tied for fourth (sixth on S-B tiebreaks).
  • Vol. IV, 16, pg. 3 (April 20, 1950) – Stevenson Memorial tournament, Southsea, England. Bisguier listed as one of the competitors.
  • Vol. IV, 17, pg. 1 (May 5, 1950) – BISGUIER TOPS SOUTHSEA; Shares First Place With Tartakower (front page, large font headline). Bisguier’s only loss is to Golombek. Other Southsea participants include “teen-age champion of London, Jonathan Penrose” and “young German master Schmid.”
  • Vol. IV, 18, pg. 3 (May 20, 1950) – Bisguier mentioned in letter to the editor from Santasiere that complained about how U.S. team was picked for the radio match.
  • Vol. IV, 20, pg. 3 (June 20, 1950) – Eliot Hearst calls Bisguier an “outstanding junior master.”
  • Vol. IV, 21, pg. 2 (July 5, 1950) – editorial by Montgomery Major stating that junior players such as Bisguier (referencing his Southsea win) can “curb the pride of their elders over a chess board.”
  • Vol. IV, 21, pg. 2 (July 5, 1950) – Letter to editor briefly mentions Bisguier.
  • Vol. IV, 21, pg. 3 (July 5, 1950) – Bisguier listed in Hearst column as talented junior.
  • Vol. IV, 22, pg. 1 (July 20, 1950) – Bisguier’s upset loss in round 2 during U.S. Open is mentioned.
  • Vol. IV, 22, pg. 3 (July 20, 1950) – Bisguier mentioned in Hearst’s column, “Chess Life in New York.”
  • Vol. IV, 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1950) – BISGUIER WINS U.S. OPEN! (front page, large font headline) The 120-player field was the largest to-date for U.S. Open. Played in Detroit, it included “nine national past and present title-holders.” In the ninth round, “Bisguier won brilliantly from W. W. Adams to sneak into a tie for 1st place.” He then won in the 10th round and won again as Black against Evans in the 11th round for a score of 9-2, a point ahead of the field. After making a nine-move draw in round 12, Bisguier finished in clear first: won 8, lost 1, drew 3.
  • Vol. IV, 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1950) – “The newly crowned U.S. Open Champion Arthur Bisguier suffered a broken rib and a gash in the forehead” in a car accident when “auto overturned on a rain-soaked road” returning from the U.S. Open. There were six players in the car. Four, including Bisguier, were hospitalized (Walter Shipman, Kit Crittenden, Larry Evans also were taken to Genesee Memorial Hospital). Not injured: Eliot Hearst and Jeremiah Donovan.
  • Vol. IV, 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1950) – U.S. Lightning. Bisguier finished fourth out of a field 50 players. Tournament held in Detroit during U.S. Open.
  • IV, No. 24, pg. 1 (August 20, 1950) – Article mentioned that Bisguier did not play in 1950 U.S. Junior Open because he had been scheduled to play in an international teams match. However, he was unable to sail to Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, due to his injuries from the car accident (see highlighted above). NOTE: There were no transatlantic flights for commercial passengers in 1950.
  • IV, No. 24, pg. 4 (August 20, 1950) – U.S. Open. Featured Evans-Bisguier game from round 11.
  • V, No. 1, pg. 2 (September 5, 1950) – Review of the 1948-1949 New York International book briefly mentions Bisguier.
  • Vol. V, N 2, pg. 1 (September 20, 1950) – New York State Championship, Binghamton. Bisguier listed as tied for third.
  • Vol. V, N 2, pg. 1 (September 20, 1950) – NYSCA Speed, a New York Lightning event. Bisguier won the event, which attracted 26 players from the New York State Championship.
  • Vol. V, N 2, pg. 6 (September 20, 1950) – U.S. Open. Featured games: A. Bisguier vs. W. W. Adams (30 moves, Bisguier won) and Donovan vs. Bisguier (14 moves, Bisguier won).
  • Vol. V, N 4, pg. 3 (October 20, 1950) – Hearst column mentions Bisguier turning 21 on October 8, 1950.
  • V, No. 5, pg. 5 (November 5, 1950) – Minutes of the annual membership meeting and the minutes of the Board of Directors (held July 14, 1950 and published in this issue) recapped Bisguier’s accomplishments listed above. However, an additional item of interest from the minutes of the Board of Directors’ second session was, “Mr. Giers [USCF President] stated that he had made the recommendation to FIDE that the title of International Master be conferred on Arthur Bisguier, I.A. Horowitz, Hans Kmoch and Herman Steiner.”
  • V, No. 6 (November 20, 1950) – The rating list shows Bisguier’s rating as 2394 as of July 1, 1950.
  • V, No. 8, pg. 4 (December 20, 1950) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Featured game, annotated by J. Lepin: A. Bisguier vs. D. Polland, 28 moves, Bisguier won.
  • Vol. V, N 10, pg. 1 (January 20, 1951) – Intercollegiate Rapid Transit Championship. Headline partway down the page: “Bisguier wins College Rapid.” (10 player round robin)
  • Vol. V, N 17, pg. 3 (May 5, 1951) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship, 1951. Bisguier is mentioned in Chess Life’s New York column as a participant (tournament occurred over several weeks). It was reported that Bisguier tied for second with George Kramer, behind Arnold Denker (who won the tournament). Denker is also listed as having been a “top-notch Golden Gloves boxer in his early twenties.”
  • Vol. V, N 19, pg. 3 (June 5, 1951) – “Arthur Bisguier will be inducted in the June draft call.” (he was inducted on June 27, 1951.)
  • Vol. V, N 21, pg. 1 (July 5, 1951) – Wertheim Memorial Tournament, Manhattan Chess Club. Bisguier is listed as a participant, finishing a “disappointing” 10th. Page 3 of same issue says Bisguier was playing Najdorf for “pots” at rapid transit during the Wertheim tournament. Arthur was inducted into the U.S. army one week after the tournament’s close.
  • Vol. VI, N 1, pg. 3 (September 5, 1951) – Bisguier listed as being stationed at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C.
  • VI, No. 3 (October 5, 1951) – Bisguier’s rating is 2421 on the July 31, 1951 rating list, published in the issue.
  • Vol. VI, N 4, pg. 2 (October 20, 1951) – Pvt. Arthur Bisguier returned to NY on a three-day pass after completing basic training at Fort Jackson.
  • Vol. IV, N 6, pg. 1 (November 20, 1951) – A 13-move loss that Bisguier supposedly suffered proved to be a fake.
  • Vol. VI, N 13, pg. 2 (March 5, 1952) – Chess in New York columnist Eliot Hearst refers to a “recent Rossolimo-Bisguier match in the short time that Bisguier was in N.Y. on furlough.” The score was 1.5-.5 in favor of Rossolimo.
  • Vol. VI, N 13, pg. 5 (March 5, 1952) – “Also while on leave in N.Y. Bisguier won an extremely strong Marshall Rapid 22-1.”
  • Vol. VI, N14, pg. 3 (March 20, 1952) – U.S. Open, Omaha. John Koffend, a newspaper reporter, wrote, “I sat down at a board with Art Bisguier, 19, an accounting student from the Bronx. Art has been playing chess 10 years.” John then lost to Bisguier in a casual game.
  • Vol. VI, N 14, pg. 3 (March 20, 1952) – “Pvt. Art Bisguier spent three weeks in N.Y. before departing for overseas duty in Europe.”
  • Vol. VI, N 18, pg. 2 (May 20, 1952) – Bisguier mentioned as being stationed in Germany.
  • Vol. VI, N 24, pg. 1 (August 20, 1952) – Article stated that Bisguier was unable to accept a spot in an international tournament in Stockholm (but…see next entry).
  • Vol. VII, N 1, pg. 1 (September 5, 1952) – Bisguier is listed as on his way to an Interzonal in Sweden. The mystery—did he or didn’t he participate in the Sweden Interzonal?—wasn’t solved until later. A future issue reports he did not (see January 5, 1953 entry below).
  • Vol. VII, N 4, pg. 4 (October 20, 1952) – Bisguier plays on board 4 as part of the U.S. team in an international team tournament in Helsinki. This team tournament is also sometimes referred to as the Olympics.
  • Vol. VIII, N 9, pg. 4 (January 5, 1953) – Minutes of the Board of Directors from July of 1952 mention that Bisguier was on the Helsinki team and indicated that players were asked if they would play if they had to pay their own expenses.
  • Vol. VIII, N 9, pg. 4 (January 5, 1953) – Minutes of the Board of Directors’ second meeting in July 1952 indicate that only Herman Steiner (not Bisguier) went to Stockholm for the Interzonal tournament.
  • Vol. VII, N 11, pg. 1 (February 5, 1953) – Christmas International, Vienna. Bisguier won this tournament while on leave from the army. Three of his wins as White were included in the article.
  • Vol. VII, N 14, pg. 3 (March 20, 1953) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship, 1950-1951. Hearst annotated a game between former HS chess teammates Bisguier vs. R. Einhorn. 38 moves, Bisguier won.
  • VII, No. 18 (May 20, 1953) – Spring rating for Bisguier is 2486.
  • Vol. VII, N 20, pg. 5 (June 20, 1953) – Hearst column: The completion of U.S. Army service leaves Bisguier free to compete including in upcoming USA-USSR match in New York.
  • Vol. VII, N 22, pg. 1 (July 20, 1953) – Larry Evans writes an article about the “gorilla” match between Bisguier and Geller, so-called because Geller wore a tight shirt that showed off his muscles, while Bisguier unzipped his sports shirt.
  • Vol. VII, N 22, pg. 3 (June 20, 1953) – article by Bisguier about 30/30 chess (30 moves in 30 minutes); it includes photo of Bisguier and an annotated win over Dr. H. Sussman from New York.
  • Vol. VIII, N 1, pg. 7 (September 5, 1953) – U.S. Open, Milwaukee, 1953. 181 players (record number) played in speed (lightning) tournament won by Larry Evans. Eliot Hearst describes Bisguier’s performance as “getting too many inferior games out of the openings.” Bisguier finished 13th.
  • Vol. VIII, N 1, pg. 9 (September 5, 1953) – Bisguier’s opponent overturned a glass of water on the board during the game. When the game was over, “Arthur sighed with relief. ‘I was afraid the game would be called on account of wet grounds,’” he quipped.
  • Vol. VIII, N 2, pg. 10 (September 20, 1953) – Bisguier listed as winning a 30/30 tournament in New York (tied with Pavey and Seidman for first).
  • Vol. VIII, N 5, pg. 5 (November 5, 1953) – Bisguier listed as playing his first game for the Marshall Chess Club in its match vs. Franklin Chess Club of Philadelphia. Bisguier previously played for Manhattan Chess Club. Bisguier was first to score in the match, held in Philadelphia.
  • Vol. VIII, N 8, pg. 2 (December 20, 1953) – William Rojam’s article, “Arthur Bisguier: An Introduction,” mentions his 1.5 to .5 win over Ivkov in the Yugoslav Radio Match, along with other notable accomplishments. Bisguier scored 8.5-1.5 to win the U.S. Championship Candidates tournament in Philadelphia in September.
  • Vol. VIII, N 8, pg. 3 (December 20, 1953) – Article by Bisguier about his win over Dr. Ariel Mengarini.
  • Vol. VIII, N 9, pg. 1 (January 5, 1954) – Intercollegiate individual (Pace University). Listed as entrant (30 players).
  • Vol. VIII, N 10, pg. 2 (January 20, 1954) – Intercollegiate. Bisguier won Intercollegiate Lightning (22 players). In main tournament, Bisguier tied for first (four players tied), winning second on tiebreak.
  • Vol. VIII, N 15, pg. 1 (April 5, 1954) – Manhattan Chess Club championship. Bisguier shared second. His loss as White to Abe Turner was published.
  • Vol. VIII, N 18, pg. 2 (May 20, 1954) – Metropolitan Chess League. Listed as participating in Manhattan Chess Club team.
  • Vol. VIII, N 20, pg. 1 (June 20, 1954) – Bisguier becomes U.S. Champion, scoring 10-3.
  • Vol. VIII, N 20, pgs. 2-3 (June 20, 1954) – Bisguier is part of Manhattan Chess Club 8-4 win over Marshall Chess Club.
  • Vol. VIII, N 20, pg. 7 (June 20, 1954) – U.S. Championship, New York 1954. Pavey vs. Bisguier game is featured.
  • Vol. VIII, N 21, pg. 1 (July 5, 1954) – Bisguier part of U.S. team that lost to USSR, June 16-24.
  • Vol. VIII, N 21, pg. 3 (July 5, 1954) – Bisguier’s 1954 US Championship win is covered, including headline, crosstable, Bisguier’s past record, and photos. Author Harkness describes Bisguier “as friendly as a puppy” and the entire Harkness article serves as a good review of Bisguier’s career up through 1954. According to Harkness, Bisguier learned chess at 7 and started playing a few years later at the Bronx-Empire chess club. His first US Chess rating was in Class A in 1944 after finishing third in that club’s championship.
  • Vol. VIII, N 21, pg. 5 (July 5, 1954) – Bisguier part of group photo for USA-USSR match; his record in the match is on the same page. On page 6, Bisguier’s 35-move draw with Petrosian is featured, and another 32-move draw with Petrosian is on pages 7-8. On page 12, he is listed as losing at doubles table tennis with partner Amos Kaminsky to a team of Paul Keres and Efim Geller.
  • Vol. VIII, N 21, pg. 10 (July 5, 1954) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Allen Kaufman wins against Bisguier and annotates the game.
  • Vol. VIII, N 22, pg. 4 (July 20, 1954) – Bisguier’s overall result in USA-USSR match was 1-3 vs. Petrosian, 0-1 vs Boleslavsky, and ½-1/2 vs Geller. Final score: 1.5-4.5 minus score vs. Russians.
  • Vol. VIII, N 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1954) – Bisguier Wins Pan-American Open.” (headline) 74 players.
  • Vol. IX, N 1, pg. 1 (September 5, 1954) – U.S. Open, New Orleans. Bisguier finished fourth in U.S. Open ($125 prize) and second in speed tournament (10 seconds per move). PHOTOS FROM TOURNAMENT ON PAGE 5 include Bisguier. On page 11, featured games: Bisguier vs. A. Pomar (22 moves, draw) and Bisguier vs. Abe Turner (51 moves, Bisguier won).
  • Vol. IX, N 2, pg. 6 (September 20, 1954) – Featured game: Bisguier vs. A.C. Simonson.
  • Vol. IX, N 3, pg. 11 (October 5, 1954) – U.S. Championship, New York, 1954. Featured game: Bisguier vs. J. T. Sherwin (44 moves, Sherwin won).
  • Vol. IX, N 4, pg. 6 (October 20, 1954) – U.S. Championship, New York, 1954. Featured game: Bisguier vs. C Pilnick.
  • Vol. IX, N 7, pg. 1 (December 5, 1954) – Bisguier Tops Eastern States Open (headline story, 50 players)
  • Vol. IX, N 7, pg. 2 (December 5, 1954) – Bisguier pens new feature column, “Behind the Scenes,” to start December 20th and run once a month.
  • Vol. IX, N 7, pg. 2 (December 5, 1954) – Bisguier played first board for Marshall Chess Club in correspondence match with London.
  • Vol. IX, N 10, pg. 1 (January 20, 1955) –Reshevsky, Evans, Bisguier Top Rosenwald Trophy Tournament (headline). Bisguier vs. Reshevsky game included on same page.
  • Vol. IX, N 11, pg. 5 (February 5, 1955) – Rosenwald Trophy Tournament. Bisguier vs. Byrne game featured.
  • Vol. IX, N12, pg. 3 (February 20, 1955) – Bisguier’s column is about defeating a grandmaster at the Rosenwald tournament. Same issue included some of Bisguier’s Rosenwald games analyzed for their theoretical contributions.
  • Vol. IX, N 16, pg. 6 (April 20, 1955) – Rosenwald Trophy Tournament. Bisguier vs. Sherman game featured.
  • Vol. IX, N 17, pg.1 (May 5, 1955) – Manhattan Chess Club championship. Tied for third.
  • Vol. IX, N 20, pg. 1 (June 20, 1955) – Bisguier second to Reshevsky in practice matches to prepare for match with USSR.
  • Vol. IX, N 20, pg. 2 (June 20, 1955) – Golden Jubilee tournament, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bisguier finished with a 10-7 record.
  • Vol. IX, N 22, pg. 1 (July 20, 1955) – Bisguier part of U.S. team that lost to USSR 25-7 in Moscow.
  • Vol. IX, N 23, pg. 5 (August 5, 1955) – Larry Evans analyzed U.S. team members’ practice games as they prepared for USSR matches.
  • Vol. X, N 1, pg. 3 (September 5, 1955) – Edmar Mednis, who played in the World Junior in Belgium, thanks Bisguier for being his second, at Bisguier’s own expense.
  • Vol. X, N 2, pg. 10 (September 20, 1955) – Interzonal, Gothenburg. IM Bisguier analyzed two games: Bisguier vs. J.H. Donner (Holland), and his win as White vs. B. Sliwa (Poland). Bisguier finished 17-18th in a field of 21.
  • Vol. X, N 6, pg. 1 (November 20, 1955) –Zagreb international tournament. Bisguier defeats Gligoric in round 1.
  • Vol. X, N 7, pg. 2 (December 5, 1955) – Zagreb international tournament. Bisguier finished in sixth place.
  • Vol. X, N 8, pg. 2 (December 20, 1955) – Bisguier returns from Europe 70 pounds lighter.
  • Vol. X, N 9, pg. 1 (January 5, 1956) – Bisguier and Evans top Lessing J. Rosenwald Tournament. On page 5, Larry Evans analyzes games from that tournament.
  • Vol. X, N 15, pg. 1 (April 6, 1956) – Manhattan CC Championship 1956. Bisguier vs. A. Kevitz. 22 moves, Bisguier won.
  • Vol. X, N 16, pg. 3 (April 20, 1956) – Analyzed his game with Arthur Feuerstein in his Behind the Scenes column
  • Vol. X, N 20, pg. 2 (June 20, 1956) – “Bisguier keeps winning the Marshall Rapid Tourneys.”
  • Vol. X, N 20, pg. 3 (June 20, 1956) – Bisguier analyzes a 1954 win over Simonson for his Behind the Scenes column
  • Vol. X, N 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1956) – Headline: Bisguier Wins U.S. Open (101 players, Oklahoma City)
  • Vol. XI, N 1, pg. (6 September 5, 1956) – Bisguier’s loss from the U.S. Open event is analyzed
  • Vol. XI, N 5, pg. 1 (November 5, 1956) – “Bisguier downed 13-year-old Bobby Fischer.” Bisguier finished second to Reshevsky at Rosenwald.
  • Vol. XI, N 7, pg. 4 (December 5, 1956) – Bisguier vs. Fischer’s 33-move game from Rosenwald is featured, unannotated except for exclams on two of Bisguier’s moves.
  • Vol. XI, N 10, pg. 3 (January 20, 1957) – Larry Evans analyzed a Bisguier-Byrne game from the Rosenwald, which Bisguier won in 41 moves. On the same page, in Allen Kaufman’s column, Raymond Weinstein is listed as Bisguier’s cousin.
  • Vol. XI, N 18, pg. 6 (May 20, 1957) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Bisguier wins championship.
  • Vol. XI, N 19, pg. 2 (June 5, 1957) – Bisguier gives 26-player simul, losing only to Robin Ault of Maplewood, NJ.
  • Vol. XI, N 22, pg. 2 (August 20, 1957) – brief report: Fischer wins U.S. Open, Bisguier second on tie-break (both scored 10-2); see September 5
  • Vol. XI, N 22, pg. 3 (August 20, 1957) – Reshevsky defeated Bisguier in a match, 6-4, at the Manhattan Chess Club. Reshevsky won games 1, 2, 3, and 9; lost 4 and 5; and drew games 6, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Vol. XI, N 22, pg. 7 (August 20, 1957) – Bisguier drew Bernstein on first board of the Manhattan vs. Marshall chess club match.
  • Vol. XII, N 1, pg. 1 (September 5, 1957) – Fischer Takes U.S. Open Title (headline), Bisguier second on tie-break (both scored 10-2). The headline and the explanation under explains that the two actually tied, and this was a tiebreak first place for Fischer.
  • Vol. XII, N 1, pg. 5 (September 5, 1957) – Reshevsky analyzes first game from his match with Bisguier which he (Reshevsky) won as White in 41 moves.
  • Vol. XII, N 3, pg. 3 (October 5, 1957) – Reshevsky analyzes second game from his match with Bisguier which he (Reshevsky) won as Black.
  • Vol. XII, N 4, pg. 1 (October 20, 1957) – Chess Life reported that FIDE awarded Bisguier the International Grandmaster title in Vienna in August.
  • Vol. XII, N 5, pg. 5 (November 5, 1957) – Reshevsky analyzes his fifth game loss to Bisguier from his match with Bisguier, which he won overall 6-4. Seventh game also was analyzed.
  • Vol. XII, N 8, pg. 2 (December 20, 1957) – The Rosenwald Trophy Tournament for the U.S. Championship, which stretched from December 17, 1957 to January 8, 1958, was underway at Manhattan Chess Club; Bisguier and Fischer both participated.
  • XII, No. 10, pg. 1 (January 20, 1958) – Rosenwald Trophy Tournament for the U.S. Championship. Fischer won with 10.5-2.5; crosstable on the front page. Bisguier scored 5-8 in the 14-player round robin. Same page announced that Bisguier and Lombardy would play Jan. 20-Feb. 20 in the First Tournament of the Americas, held in Bogota, Columbia. Page 2 of this issue also provided analysis of some of Bisguier’s U.S. Championship games.
  • XII, No. 11, pg. 1 (February 5, 1958) – First Tournament of the Americas. Bisguier Leads In Bogota (headline). Bisguier tied for 4-5th, according to the headline in the March 5 issue.
  • XII, No. 14, pg. 3 (March 20, 1958) – First Tournament of the Americas. Lombardy annotates a 35-move win from the tournament: Bisguier (as White) over Walter Ader of Chile.
  • XII, No. 16, pg. 6 (April 20, 1958) – Collins annotates Fischer-Bisguier from U.S. Championship; Fischer won in 41 moves.
  • XII, No. 18, pg. 2 (May 20, 1958) – Manhattan Chess Club championship. Bisguier wins (Fischer did not play).
  • XII, No. 24, pg. 1 (August 20, 1958) – U.S. Open. Bisguier finished fifth.
  • XII, No. 24, pg. 5 (August 20, 1958) – Commentary by Dr. Erich W. Marchand discusses the rise of new prodigies such as Fischer and classifies Bisguier as a recent prodigy (i.e. in group older than Fischer).
  • XIII, No. 2, pg. 10 (September 20, 1958) – Metropolitan Chess League. The Manhattan Chess Club vs. Marshall Chess Club match is called the Big Match. Pilnick annotated his 59-move win as Black over Bisguier (who was playing for Manhattan Chess Club).
  • XIII, No. 4, pg. 1 and pg. 4 (October 20, 1958) – In-progress reports on the U.S. team, which includes Bisguier, at the Olympiad.
  • XIII, No. 7, pg. 1 (December 5, 1958) – Jerry Spann reports on the U.S. team finishing fourth at the Olympiad.
  • XIII, No. 8, pg. 5 (December 20, 1958) – Rosenwald Tourney for the 1959 U.S. Championship. Frank Brady reports about the in-progress tournament, in which Bisguier and Weinstein are two of the 12 participants.
  • XIII, No. 9, pg. 2 (January 5, 1959) – Bisguier gives short speech to honor Carolyne Marshall, widow of Frank Marshall. On page 3 of the same issue, Reshevsky annotates his 36-move win as Black vs. Bisguier from the U.S. Championship. Page 8 has the Bisguier-Benko game, U.S. Championship, draw in 19.
  • XIII, No. 10, pg. 7 (January 20, 1959) – U.S. Championship. Frank Brady provides a round-by-round report. Bisguier tied for 4-7th places and Weinstein was 12th (last).
  • XIII, No. 12, pg. 3 (February 20, 1959) – Evans wrote about the U.S. Championship: “Bisguier and myself fell apart in the closing rounds; we are getting old and have discovered there are other things in life besides chess.” Page 8 has the Bisguier vs. Kalme game. 49 moves, Bisguier won.
  • XIII, No. 21, pg. 4 (July 5, 1959) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Bisguier takes title for the third year in a row.
  • XIII, No. 22, pg. 2 (July 20, 1959) and Vol. 13, No. 23, pg. 1 (August 5, 1959) – Greater New York Open. Bisguier finished 4th.
  • XIV, No. 1, pg. 1 (September 5, 1959) – THE OMAHA STORY: BISGUIER REGAINS U.S. OPEN TITLE (headline). Article notes that Bisguier was on his honeymoon with his new wife, Carol, during this tournament. Bisguier won the tournament with a score of 10-2. In the last round, Benko only needed to draw Raymond Weinstein to obtain a 10-2 score, which would have given him better tiebreaks than Bisguier’s to win the title. But Weinstein, recovering from a fourth-place finish in the U.S. Junior, defeated Benko, allowing Bisguier to have clear first while Weinstein and Benko tied for 2nd-3rd.
  • XIV, No. 3, pg. 8 (October 5, 1959) – U.S. Open. Photo of Bisguier playing Ulvestad.
  • XIV, No. 5, pg. 6 (November 5, 1959) – Featured games: Bisguier vs. P. Brandts (Manhattan Chess Club Championship, 34 moves, Bisguier won), plus wins over Saidy and Brasket (both U.S. Open games). John W. Collins wrote, “Bisguier’s forceful, versatile style is on display in the following three games”
  • XIV, No. 10, pg. 6 (January 20, 1960) – D. Vissepo vs. Bisguier. 18-move win by Bisguier.
  • XIV, No.11, pg. 2 (February 5, 1960) – U.S. Championships, 1960. Bisguier finished in 5th place and in Weinstein 6th place.
  • XIV, No. 11, pg. 3 (February 5, 1960) U.S. Rapid Transit Championship Tournament. Benko wins 1st; Bisguier 2nd, Fischer 3rd.
  • XIV, No. 11 (February 5, 1960); Vol. XIV, No. 12 (February 20, 1960); Vol. XIV, No. 13 (March 5, 1960) – Unannotated games from U.S. Championship (1959-1960, New York) in these issues. Page 7 of the March 5 issue has the crosstable and the ages of each of the players. Fischer is the youngest at 16, Weinstein is the second youngest at 18, Bisguier, at 30, is in the middle of the pack (age range 16-49).
  • XIV, No. 20, pg. 7 (June 20, 1960) – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Bisguier tied for second (Benko was first).
  • XIV, No. 22 (July 20, 1960) – report of the Manhattan vs. Marshall chess club match, which Manhattan won to take the Metropolitan League title. Bisguier played board 2 (Benko board 1) for Manhattan, drawing Mednis in his game.
  • XV, No. 1, pg. 1 (September 5, 1960) – U.S. Open, St. Louis, 1960. Weinstein and Bisguier both competed and were tied for the lead after round 8. Bisguier finished tied for third and Weinstein finished lower in the standings after 12 rounds.
  • XV, No. 5, pg. 1 (November 5, 1960) – U.S. Olympic team photo includes both Weinstein and Bisguier.
  • XV, No. 7, pg. 4 (December 5, 1960) – has game from the Olympics.
  • XV, No. 7, pg. 5 (December 5, 1960) – Reshevsky annotates a win over Bisguier.
  • XV, No. 8, pgs. 15-16 (December 20, 1960) – Kashdan’s report from the Olympics was a letter to Jerry Spann. In it, Kashdan wrote, “As you predicted, Weinstein was a delight to work with. He was always anxious to play, and always ready to help in any way he could. He won his first six games in succession, including two in the finals.” From the same report, Kashdan wrote, “Bisguier . . .had a penchant for making dashing piece sacrifices with no particular concern whether they were sound or not. I had a real time trying to convince him we needed points, and not fireworks just to have fun.”
1961 (Change in magazine design and issue numbering starting this year).
  • XVI, No. 1, pg. 2 (January 20, 1961) – Fischer, Lombardy, Weinstein qualify for Interzonal from results in U.S. Championship.
  • May 1961, pg. 143 – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Bisguier finished with an even score (5.5-5.5). Benko won the championship.
  • June 1961, pg. 158 – Bisguier was first American entry in a Soviet tournament in nearly 20 years. Tied for fifth with Portisch in the Moscow tournament, which was won by Smyslov and Vasiukov.
  • July 1961, pg. 195 – Bisguier is listed as preparing “reports and maintains for IBM a library on several of that firm’s leading industrial computers.”
  • August 1961, pg. 236 – Bisguier’s rating is 2409.
  • August 1961 pg. 42 – “Theory and Practice in the Openings,” by International Master Raymond Weinstein (first mention of Weinstein’s title), includes a game by Bisguier.
  • October 1961, pgs. 278-282 – S. Open, 1961. Won by Benko; Bisguier participated. Games can be found on the pages cited.
  • November 1961, pg. 305 – International Jubilee Grand Master Tournament, Bled. One of Bisguier’s best international results was posted (see crosstable). It shows him finishing 9th in tournament (won by Tal, with Fischer second).
  • March 1962, pg. 48 – Hastings 1961-1962 crosstable (Botvinnik won, Bisguier fourth). Page 49 has a photo of Botvinnik-Bisguier (Botvinnik won; game annotated by Barden).
  • March 1962, pgs. 49-50 – Barden annotates the Botvinnik vs. Bisguier game. 44 moves, Bisguier lost.
  • April 1962 – Includes games from Stockholm (Interzonal), which Fischer won. Bisguier finished 16th.
  • May 1962, pg. 114 – “Arthur Bisguier won the very strong 8-player Bruno Forsberg Memorial Masters Tournament at the Marshall Chess Club.”
  • June 1962, pg. 124 – Bisguier is Fischer’s second at the Candidates (Fischer finished fourth). He presents games from the tournament. Includes photo.
  • August 1962 – S. Open, San Antonio. Bisguier participated.
  • August 1962 – Bisguier’s rating is 2501.
  • September 1962, pgs. 195-196 – Photos and games from the U.S. Open.
  • December 1962, pg. 271 – S. Championship, New York City. Bisguier is one of the participants. Report through round 6.
  • January 1963 – S. Championship, New York City. Cover photo of Fischer vs. Bisguier. Page 3 says that Fischer won the title and Bisguier finished second (his only loss was to Fischer). They were tied at 7-3 going into the last round. According to the article, Bisguier played a Berlin Defense, got an okay position, but made a mistake on move 23 and resigned on move 37. Fischer and Bisguier qualified for Interzonal; the third-place finishers had a playoff for final Interzonal spot. (Later issue reported Reshevsky got the Interzonal spot.)
  • February 1963, pg. 50 – S. Championship, New York City. Another photo, this time of Bisguier-Reshevsky.
  • February 1963, pg. 51 – S. Championship, New York City. Another photo of the Fischer-Bisguier game (long shot showing the crowd).
  • April 1963, pgs. 86-87 – Bisguier annotates his game against W. Addison, which won him the Brilliancy prize at the 1962-1963 U.S. Championship. Bisguier, as Black, played a Catalan and won in 41 moves. Same issue has Bisguier finishing fourth at Western Open, an 163-player Swiss system tournament.
  • July-August 1963, pg. 176 – Metropolitan Chess League. Bisguier is listed as playing for Manhattan Chess Club. Weinstein is listed as playing for the Marshall Chess Club.
  • September 1963, pg. 207 – S. Open, Chicago. Bisguier third in speed chess tournament.
  • October 1963, pg. 235 – First New York State Open. Bisguier tied for second behind Fischer.
  • December 1963, pgs. 302-303 – New York State Open. Fischer annotates his win over Bisguier. Fischer, as White, defeated Bisguier in 29 moves using the Two Knight’s Defense. He commented after 1. P-K4, “Best by test.” Fischer uses that same line—“Best by test”— to describe the same first move in his book, 60 Memorable Games.
  • January 1964, pg. 3 – S. Championship. Bisguier and Weinstein both participated; Bisguier finished 8th. Page 8 has a photo of Bisguier vs. Steinmeyer from round 10. The issue also features games from rounds 1-5.
  • February 1964, pg. 42 – S. Championship. Benko annotates his prize-winning win over Bisguier. Remaining games also published.
  • February 1964, pg. 36 – Bisguier mentions the Berlin and other king pawn openings in a reported conversation.
  • March 1964 – S. Championship. Annotated games from other players.
  • May 1964, 110 – Benko defeated Bisguier 4.5 to 1.5 in a match to win a spot in the Interzonal in Amsterdam.
  • May 1964, Pgs. 115-116 – S. Championship. Two of Bisguier’s opponents annotate their games: Steinmeyer (draw) and Mednis (win).
  • June 1964, pages 154-155 – Benko annotates the games from his match vs. Bisguier (see previous entry).
  • July 1964 163 – Southern Open. Bisguier wins (31 players in Championship section). Also gave a 39-board simul in which he won 36, drew 2, lost 1.
  • July 1964, 172 – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Bisguier ties for 2nd-3rd place.
  • August 1964, 199 – U.S. Open. Lombardy annotates his game with Bisguier (23 moves, draw, Bisguier was White).
  • September 1964, 215 – U.S. Open. Bisguier ties for 5th-8th place. On pages 224-225, Benko annotates more games from his match vs. Bisguier (see May 1964 entry).
  • October 1964, 241 – New Jersey Open. Bisguier handled adjudications and gave a simul.
  • December 1964, pg. 291 – 16th Chess Olympiad,Tel Aviv. Bisguier is part of the U.S. team, which finishes sixth. Later pages have games from the Olympiad.
  • January 1965, pg. 4 – “The Road to Tel Aviv,” an article about the Olympiad, offers personal stories about Bisguier and includes a photo.
  • February 1965, 32 – Ariel Mengarini writes an article about beginnings of 30/30 chess. The article features Mengarini’s 18-move 30/30 win over Bisguier. Page 35 also lists Bisguier as handling adjudication duties at the Greater New York Open.
  • April 1965, 71 – H. Seidman writes a letter to the editor about Mengarini’s article which, according to Seidman, did not mention that he reportedly tied for first with Bisguier and Pavey. Seidman actually considered himself the sole winner due to his opponent overstepping on time.
  • June 1965, 119 – Bisguier handed adjudications “with his usual efficiency” for the U.S. Amateur. Page 129 had games from Zagreb (April 12-May 9, 1965) and a crosstable showing Bisguier finishing 16th (Ivkov won).
  • July 1965, cover art (pg. 1/cover) – Fourth Annual Pacific Southwest Open, Santa Monica, CA. Bisguier won (81 players). Bisguier’s results in MN Masters Open (2nd place behind Formanek) and Manhattan Chess Club Championship (4th place) are reported on page 155 of this issue.
  • October 1965, 218 – 1963-1964 U.S. Championship. Saidy annotates his win as Black over Bisguier. Saidy ends with, “29. White Resigns. Arthur remarked that my breaking of our ‘jinx’ signified that he would break his vs. Fischer. Such optimism is admirable.”
  • November 1965, 147 – An example and a photo indicates that Bisguier is making money not just from playing chess but from being hired to adjudicate games, give lectures, and give simuls.
  • December 1965, 255-256 – U.S. Championship. Early results and games listed. On page 257, report on the Empire City Open shows that Bisguier finished “out of the money.”
  • January 1966, pgs. 2-9 – S. Championship. Bisguier finished 10th of 12. Report includes games included.
  • February 1966, pg. 52 – shows rating changes from U.S. Championship: Bisguier rated 2419.
  • April 1966, pg. 83 – Greater New York Open. Bisguier wins. On page 90, Reshevsky wrote that Bisguier was “plagued by illness in his family” during the U.S. Championship and failed to win a single game in it.
  • July 1966, pg. 162 – Eastern Open. Bisguier finished second on tiebreak (part of four-way tie for first).
  • September 1966, pg. 203 – S. Open. Bisguier finished with 9.5 points (tied for fourth with many others).
  • October 1966, pgs. 232-234 – U.S. Open co-champion Benko (tied with R. Byrne) analyzes his 55-move win as White over Bisguier at the U.S. Open. Page 235 indicates that Bisguier worked as a journalist as well as a competitor in the 1966 U.S. Open, as Byrne told Hochberg that Bisguier had to compose a telegram and telephone the results of each round to the New York Times.
  • November 1966, pg. 263 – Empire City Open. Bisguier wins (108 players in the Open section, 72 in the Booster section). On pages 264-265, Benko annotates his 48-move win as White over Bisguier for the Manhattan Club Championship. Page 294 shows that Bisguier won the Empire City Open and then won the Hans Kmoch Get Well Tournament in New York.
  • January 1967, pgs. 2-7 –S. Championship. Issue offers a lengthy round-by-round article by Hochberg, many games, and a crosstable. Fischer won and Bisguier was 5th.
  • February 1967, pgs. 24-25 – Benko analyzes his 30-move win as White over Bisguier from the U.S. Championship.
  • June 1967, pg. 147 – Greater New York Open. Bisguier wins (222 participants, with103 in the Booster section).
  • June 1967, pg. 152 – Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Bisguier finished second.
  • July 1967, pg. 201 – Benko annotates his win (as Black in 60 moves) over Bisguier from Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Page 215 shows that Bisguier won the Westchester Open.
  • August 1967, pg. 237 – Bisguier awarded his second brilliancy prize for 1966-1967 U.S. Championship win over Donald Byrne.
  • September 1967, pg. 258 – Atlantic Open. Benko won, Bisguier finished ninth.
  • October 1967, pgs. 310-311 – Benko annotates Atlantic Open win (as Black, 53 moves) over Bisguier. On page 315, Bisguier is shown as tied for first (second on tiebreak, four-way tie) in the Manhattan Open.
  • January 1968, pg. 40 – Empire City Open. Bisguier tied for third.
  • March 1968, pg. 90 – USCF Region 2 Championship, played December 1-3 at the Henry Hudson Hotel. Bisguier won over J. Tamargo, E. Meyer, W. Shipman, P. Robey, and R. Heitman.
  • June 1968, pg. 232 – Goldwater-Marshall Invitational. Bisguier finished second to Donald Byrne.
  • September 1968, pg. 316 – S. Championship. Hochberg wrote that William Lombardy was “recently ordained a priest” and Bisguier is “employed in the offices of Chess Review magazine.” He ends with, “Sad but true, only Fischer (who is a genius) and Benko (who tries harder) are able to earn a living from chess. Everyone else has to work for a living.” (other references to Bisguier’s employment: He was a private in the army from 1951-1953, and in the July 1961 Chess Life, Bisguier was listed as working for IBM.)
  • September 1968, Page 317 – S. Championship. Crosstable showed Evans won the championship. Bisguier finished fifth. Fischer did not play.
  • October 1968, pgs. 363-364 – 2nd Puerto Rican Open. Rossolimo annotates his win as White in 46 moves against Bisguier.
  • November 1968, pg. 421 – New Jersey Open. Bisguier finishes in second place.
  • December 1968, pg. 435 – In an interview, Bent Larsen mentions that his shortest loss to a grandmaster was against Bisguier. It occurred in Zagreb in 1965 and lasted for 18 or 19 moves.
1969 (Chess Life became Chess Life & Review in November)
  • February 1969, pg. 63 – Manhattan Chess Club championship. Bisguier won the championship. Also, on the same page, Robert Fischer and Arthur Bisguier divided the Best Played Game prize, which was awarded for games played during the Manhattan Chess Club vs. Marshall Chess Club match (both played for Manhattan).
  • March 1969, pg. 127 – Goldwater-Marshall Invitational Tournament. Bisguier participated in second annual tournament, played at the Marshall Chess Club.
  • September 1969, pg. 358 – Great Plains Open, Lubbock, TX. Bisguier wins tournament. His 38-move win as White over John Hall is published, along with a photo.
  • November 1969, page 439 – S. Open Lincoln, NE. 197 players, with Bisguier finishing 3rd on tiebreak but tied for 1st and 2nd with Benko (trophy) and Milan Vukcevich. He won $933.00.
  • December 1969, pg. 482 – San Juan International. Article by Bisguier on the included the crosstable of the tournament where Bisguier finished second to Spassky.
  • February 1970, pgs. 67-69 – S. Championship. Photo, text, and crosstable show Reshevsky won and Bisguier was ninth. Fischer did not play.
  • March 1970, 127 – Hans Kmoch annotated the U.S. Championship game between Zuckerman-Bisguier.
  • March 1970, pages 139-140 – San Juan International. Article by Arthur Bisguier includes some of his games and games by other participants.
  • April 1970, 208 – 2nd Annual Niagara Falls Open. Bisguier listed as a participant; event won by Kenneth Rogoff.
  • May 1970, 269 – National Open. Koltanowski’s article focuses on Evans and Bisguier tying for first with 7-1; includes Bisguier’s “Impossible Win” (as Black) over Ken Smith in 36 moves. Bisguier also won the 60-player rapid transit event.
  • June 1970, 316 – Third Annual Goldwater-Marshall. Bisguier won. The article includes the Shipman-Bisguier game, won by Bisguier in 54 moves.
  • August 1970, pgs. 442-444 – Hans Kmoch annotated the Cross-Bisguier game from the National Open, which Black won in 41 moves. Also, Bisguier-Grey game, which Bisguier won in 50 moves, was published without a tournament reference.
  • September 1970, 483 – International Tournament, Caracas. Kavalek reported on the tournament. Crosstable shows Bisguier finished 9th and Kavalek won. Bisguier had a first round game with Karpov that was adjourned twice.
  • October 1970, pgs. 549-551 – Article by Bisguier, “Fischer in Buenos Aires,” includes Bisguier annotating his own win as White against S. Schweber in 27 moves. Page 551 includes an unannotated loss: Fischer vs. Bisguier (25 moves, Bisguier as Black). Crosstable from pg. 550 shows Fischer won, Bisguier finished 12th.
  • October 1970, 561 – includes Benko’s article about Caracas tournament.
  • November 1970, pgs. 636-637 – Featured game from the Goldwater tournament: Soltis vs. Bisguier, Black won in 40 moves.
  • January 1971, pg. 12 – Zuckerman refers to an opening he played against Bisguier while analyzing another game with the same Philidor Defense.
  • May 1971, pg. 257 – Costa del Sol, Malaga. Bisguier finishes second to Pomar.
  • August 1971, pg. 432 – Bisguier reported on Malaga and wrote about his own performance, “I finished a good second with 10½ points and played some excellent chess.”
  • September 1971, pg. 498 – Photo of Bisguier giving a simul; includes his street address.
  • September 1971, pg. 506 – Tallinn International, Estonia. Hans Kmoch annotates the 39-move draw between Bisguier and Alexander Zaitsev (USSR). Page 510 has Bisguier’s article about Tallinn and on page 511, Keres annotates games from the event.
  • September 1971, pg. 510 – Bisguier wrote an article about his performance in Tallinn and his memory of a “Finnish-type sauna filled with the world’s best chess players, steaming, naked, drinking beer and eating sausages and caviar—all the time kibitzing and talking chess.”
  • September 1971, 515 – Bisguier finished11th in Netanya, Israel tournament, which was won by Kavalek (crosstable).
  • October 1971, pg. 545 – S. Open, Ventura, CA. Bisguier scores 8 points; tournament won by Walter Browne and Larry Evans.
  • October 1971, pg. 558 – Marshall Chess Club International Rapids. Bisguier won the finals. Crosstable shows D. Byrne, R. Byrne, and Mednis behind him.
  • December 1971, pg. 698 – Canadian National Exhibition tournament. Bisguier participated. Benko and Byrne tied for first (Benko took first on tiebreak); Spassky finished third.
  • January 1972, pg. 14 – Empire City Open. Bisguier tied for fifth.
  • March 1972, pg. 160 – Continental Open. Bisguier tied for 3rd-5th.
  • Ma, 1972, pg. 288 – National Open. Bisguier tied for 3rd- 5th.
  • May 1972, pg. 289 – Palma de Majorca. Ljubojevic won; Bisguier finished 13th. Page 290 has photo of the tournament winner and Bisguier along with crosstable.
  • June 1972, pg. 335 – Lone Pine. Bisguier participated, but not among top finishers.
  • July 1972, pg. 411 – S. Championship. Crosstable shows Bisguier tied 9-10th.
  • August 1972, pgs. 480-481 and 485 – Reshevsky annotated his round 1 win as White over Bisguier (39 moves, U.S. Championship). On page 485, Kmoch annotated the Matera-Bisguier match from the Goldwater-Marshall tournament, which Bisguier won in 49 moves. Kmoch also annotated Bisguier-Dr. Karl Burger, which Bisguier won in 39 moves, from that same tournament.
  • October 1972, pg. 624 – Bisguier judged the brilliancy prize for the U.S. Women’s Championship.
  • November 1972, pg. 704 – Atlantic Open. Bisguier tied for 3rd-5th in
  • December 1972, pg. 744 – Bisguier, in his role as TV commentator during the Fischer-Spassky match, showed his sense of humor when three callers suggested same drawing move. “Game drawn by repetition of phone calls.”
  • January 1973, pg. 21 – Bisguier gave simul at New England Championship.
  • June 1973, pg. 299 – Bisguier Wins Lone Pine (headline). Games are included on the page.
  • June 1973, pg. 300 – National Open. Bisguier tied for 4th-10th.
  • July 1973, pgs. 381-382 – Birmingham, 1973. Bisguier tied for 2nd-3rd with Adorjan (Miles won) and annotates his win as White vs. J. Carleton in 37 moves.
  • August 1973, pg. 446 – First International Open, Silver Spring. Bisguier won.
  • September 1973, pg. 489 – Gambone-Leight Invitational, PA. Crosstable shows Rogoff, Biyiasas, Herman Pilnik, and Bruno Parma tied for first while Soltis and Bisguier tied for 5th and 6th.
  • September 1973, pg. 512 – 52nd Southern Open. Bisguier participated.
  • November 1973, pg. 635 – S. Championship in El Paso. Photo of participants; first time championship held outside of NYC (except for one year in South Fallsburg, NY). Rounds 1-6 games published in this issue, with remaining rounds in the December issue (each player had a BYE in one round).
  • February 1974, pg. 78 – Atlantic Open. Bisguier tied for 3rd-6
  • May 1974, pg. 309 – National Open. Bisguier tied with two others for first in the, scoring 7-1. Each earned $700; Bisguier won the title on tiebreak. (July 1974 issue, pg. 449 has more details and games).
  • May 1974, pg. 310 – Goldwater-Marshall Invitational (re-named U.S. Futurity). Bisguier tied for 2nd-3rd. Soltis won; crosstable shows Bisguier tied for second with NM George Kane. On pages 311-312, Bisguier annotated his win as White versus Soltis in 39 moves.
  • June 1974, pg. 393 – Bisguier finished 5th; Ljubojevic won.
  • July 1974, pg. 449 – Lone Pine. Bisguier participated.
  • 1974, pg. 525 – Bisguier-Karklins is annotated by Karklins, who won in 69 moves.
  • September 1974, pg. 587 – World Open. Bisguier tied for sixth.
  • October 1974, pg. 647 – S. Open. Bisguier tied for 3rd-6th.
  • October 1974, pg. 655 – S. Championship crosstable shows Browne won; Bisguier finished 6th on tiebreak. Browne annotated his win as White against Bisguier. Other games from the tournament also in this issue.
  • December 1974, 783 – Chess Life editor Burt Hochberg wrote, “A tournament at Sombor, Yugoslavia, was won by GM Jan Timman on tie-breaks over Soviet Master Boris Gulko, who achieved his second IM norm. American GM Arthur Bisguier ended in a tie for 8th-10th, and IM Edmar Mednis (whose hard-hitting report appears in January) was 11th.”
  • January 1975, pg. 7 – Hochberg wrote, “In N.Y., the Atlantic Open had 348 players; winners were Jansa, Matanovic, Bisguier, Zuckerman, and Balmazi, with Jansa first on tiebreaks.”
  • January 1975, pg. 18 – Sombor, 1974. Crosstable showing finishing Bisguier 8th. Timman won.
  • January 1975, pg. 20 – Mednis reminisced about his days as a junior and how Bisguier was his second, though Bisguier received no pay.
  • September 1975, pgs. 573-575 – Tim Redman’s article about the U.S. Championship in Oberlin, “View from the Directors Table” (no apostrophe in “Directors”), called “Bisguier the best swimmer.” According to the article, Bisguier drew 11 games in a row. Unannotated games (pages 575-577) followed the article.
  • October 1975, pg. 645 – Hochberg reported, “The U.S. Open at Lincoln, Neb., was won by William Lombardy and Pal Benko, each with 10-2. Eugene Meye was next with 9½, and tied with 9 were Arthur Bisguier, John Peters, Karl Burger, Frank Thornally and Viktors Pupols.”
  • November 1975, pgs. 730-731 – Tim Redman’s report on the U.S. Open in Lincoln, NE, mentioned how much time Bisguier spent at the hotel swimming pool and also included Bisguier’s result (tied for fourth). The article said that Bisguier was a good salesperson (including on Lincoln TV) for chess. Redman’s report also stated that Seirawan defeated the first grandmaster he ever played—and that the grandmaster was Bisguier.
  • November 1975, pgs. 740-741 – Pal Benko annotated the Seirawan-Bisguier game from the U.S. Open. 53-move win by Seirawan.
  • December 1975, pgs. 803-804 – Bisguier writes an obituary for Paul Keres. In the same issue, page 18 has an item stating the Bisguier’s wife, Carol, had broken her foot and that Bisguier was performing the “most un-grandmasterly” duties of taking kids to and from school, doing laundry, cleaning house, and buying groceries.
  • December 1975, pg. 821 – committee listing shows Redman and Bisguier serving together on the Chess Life & Review (Advisory) committee.
  • December 1975, pgs. 828-829 – Crosstables for the U.S. Championship and the U.S. Open.
  • December 1975, pg. 836 – summary of international results for U.S. players.
Selected Tournament Results of Bisguier, 1946-1974, with national titles underlined: 1946 Wins the Bronx Empire City Championship. 1948 Wins the Manhattan Chess Club Championship (ahead of former U.S. Champion and Grandmaster Arnold Denker). Wins the U.S. Junior. 1949 Wins the Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Wins the U.S. Junior (on tiebreak) 1950 Shares first place with Savielly Tartakower in the Stevenson Memorial Tournament, Southsea, England. Wins U.S. Open. 1953 Wins Christmas International Tournament in Vienna, Austria. 1954 Wins U.S. Championship. 1956 Wins U.S. Open. 1957 Wins Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Ties for first in U.S. Open but Bobby Fischer gets the title on tiebreak. 1958 Wins Manhattan Chess Club Championship. 1959 Wins Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Wins U.S. Open. 1962 Wins Bruno Forsberg Memorial Masters tournament at Marshall Chess Club. 1963 Second in U.S. Championship to Fischer. 1964 Wins Southern Open. 1965 Wins Pacific Southwest Open. 1966 Wins Empire City Open. 1967 Wins Greater New York Open. 1968 Wins Manhattan Chess Club Championship. 1969 Wins Manhattan Chess Club Championship. Wins Great Plains Open. Tied for first in U.S. Open with Pal Benko and Milan Vukcevich; Benko gets the title on tiebreak. Second to Boris Spassky in San Juan International. 1970 Ties for first in National Open with Larry Evans. Wins Goldwater-Marshall. 1971 Second in Costa del Sol (Malaga) to Arturo Pomar (but ahead of Benko and Jan Timman) 1973 Wins Lone Pine. 1974 Wins National Open (on tiebreak over two others).

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