Reinforcements Arrive: Day 4 in Orlando

With the four Invitational tournaments completed, attention now turns to two events: US Chess organizational meetings and the US Open. Here’s how things stand with both after Day 4 here in Orlando.

Welcome Delegates!

US Chess Delegates and Committees began their work today here at the Rosen Centre Hotel, with committee sessions devoted to a wide range of topics, including Senior Chess, Women’s Chess, and Scholastic Chess. The Chess Journalists of America also holds its annual meeting today, handing out awards for excellence in chess journalism. [UPDATE – US Chess won many awards at the CJA meeting. Full results will be up soon at the Chess Journalists of America website! Congrats to all the winners!]

New Delegates may want to attend the “New Delegates Seminar” held Thursday at 9am.

Other highlights:

The FIDE Arbiter Seminar got underway today and runs through Friday. Participants, all of whom are already experienced Tournament Directors, will gain necessary knowledge to become FIDE Arbiters through education and testing.

Friday sees a presentation by NM Han Schut on the Stappenmethode or “Steps Method.” The Steps Method is a chess teaching method popular in Europe, and increasingly used here in the States. Schut is a certified instructor in the Steps Method and will offer a two-hour seminar at 2pm on the topic.

Immediately after the Schut presentation and the Finance / LMA Trust Committee meeting on Friday, there will be a “Staff Forum / General Membership Meeting” at 4pm. US Chess staff will be on hand to talk and answer questions. Please try to attend!

This all leads up to the Delegates Meeting on Saturday and Sunday. Delegates will hear the state of US Chess from the Executive Board and Executive Director, among others, and will vote on a number of motions from Delegates across the land. There is also an Awards Luncheon scheduled for Saturday at noon.

And then there were two…

The 94 players in the Traditional Schedule of the U.S. Open were joined by 153 of their comrades in the 6-Day Schedule last night. The 6-Day includes three Grandmasters – Illia Nyzhnyk, Elshan Moradiabadi, and Mackenzie Molner – along with four International Masters and one FIDE master. More than a few of the players in the four Invitational events are entered in the 6-Day, taking advantage of a generous half-price offer on entry for Denker, Barber, Haring and Senior players.

All of the top boards came through the first round unscathed in the Six-Day. Nyzhnyk was the first to finish, defeating young Amit Mydukur in a miniature.

Mydukur-Nyzhnyk (photo Hartmann)

Justin Sarkar, Photo Cathy Rogers, Iceland 2015

IM Justin Sarkar got on the scoreboard with a nice sacrificial attack.

The Traditional Schedule played its fourth round last night, and the top twelve boards were broadcast on Only two perfect scores remain: Grandmasters Kamil Dragun and Victor Mikhalevski are both at 4/4, and meet in tonight’s fifth round. Mikhalevski will have the white pieces.

Playing a theoretically important line in the Grunfeld, Mikhalevski gave up an exchange on move 18 for serious positional compensation. He ground down his opponent, Theo Slade, and took the full point in 43 moves.

Six players are in the 3.5 score group, including GM Jim Tarjan, held to a draw last night by Vyom Vidyarthi.

Jim Tarjan (photo Hartmann)

The second round of the Six-Day is underway as this goes to press, while Round 3 of the Six-Day and Round 5 of the Traditional Schedules will take place tonight at 7pm.

Quads, Quads, Quads

There are always side events here at the U.S. Open, and one of the most popular (on days when there isn’t the G/15 Championship, like today!) are the Quads. Two sets of Quads are in the books, and here are the winners by section:


A: Theo Slade; B: Bryan Weisz; C: William Bowman; D: Cannon Farragut; E: Samuel Mo; F: Benjamin Jiang; G: Sandra Hoffman and Joshua Titus; H: Callum Leys.


I: Ryo Chen; J: Bryan Weisz; K: Brejesh Chakrabarti; L: Michael Schulte; M: James Weisz; N: Sandra Hoffman, Scott Leslie, and Varshini Venkat; O: John Jankowsky.

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