Ranae Bartlett Joins US Chess as Director of Operations


Ranae Bartlett is the new US Chess Director of Operations. Ranae is a familiar face in the chess community having founded the Madison City Chess League, a nonprofit chess program in Madison, Alabama. Since 2020, Ranae served as the Education Director at ChessKid.com and served on her local school board for 10 years. She also was an Assistant General Counsel for a Fortune 5 company.

Ranae brings a breadth of operations experience, along with her extensive chess program management background. She will be responsible for US Chess operations.

As a volunteer for US Chess, Ranae served as a Delegate to the 2023 Annual Meeting and co-chaired the 2022 Chess in Education Committee for US Chess. We are thrilled to welcome Ranae to US Chess in this new role.


Ranae impressed me since the first time I met her. Her attitude of constantly striving to better a situation is just what any organization needs. US Chess will surely benefit from this excellent hire!
Ranae - Congratulations!

Congratulations Ranae!! We'll miss you at ChessKid, but looking forward to seeing you around the Chess Universe! =)

Hello Renae..I hope you will make certain that every child in public schools in the entire nation can absolutely play for the local NATIONAL AND WORLD TITLE EVENTS VIA PLAY- IN EVENTS VIA INTERNET OR IN PERSON. Every child absolutely must have the right to dream.No more privileges for anyone. EVERY CHILD PLAYS. Thank you and may good winds follow you always Jude Acers/New Orleans

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