Rainbow Unicorns: Only in the US Amateur Team West


Sid Banik, Albert Lu, Cameron Wheeler, Alvin Kong (from left to right), Photo Kerrie Utsumi

The US Amateur Team West held in Santa Clara, California (Feb 13-15) saw “Rainbow Unicorns” prevail after their final round victory over the BAC Dark Knights. The team consisted of

Board 1: FM Cameron Wheeler (2436)

Board 2: NM Albert Lu (2317)

Board 3: NM Siddharth G Banik (2265)

Board 4: Alvin Kong (1742)

Cameron Wheeler, who recently was awarded the Falconer Award, praised the games of his team-mates including the following annotated victories from Albert Lu, who scored a perfect 6-0, and Siddharth Banik.



Find more full standings and team compositions on the Bay Area chess website, photos on their facebook page and rated results on MSA. 


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