Pairings Announced for US-Ireland Match!

Pairings have been released for the US-Ireland online match, scheduled for June 27 at 1pm Eastern.

Board Ireland FIDE vs USA FIDE
1 Alex Lopez IM 2430   Atulya Shetty IM 2437
2 Tarun Kanyamarala FM 2381   Eric Rosen IM 2353
3 Tom O'Gorman 2345   Tianqi Wang 2256
4 Killian Delaney 2314   Gopal Menon 2242
5 Conor O'Donnell 2304   Carl Boor FM 2231
6 Stephen Brady FM 2290   Sabina Foisor WGM 2228
7 Stephen Moran 2195   Karl Dehmelt FM 2227
8 Trisha Kanyamarala WFM 2193   William Aramil 2180
9 Shane Melaugh 2161   Gunnar Andersen 2158
10 Kieran Moynihan 2134   Elliott Winslow IM 2158
11 Jacob Flynn 2114   Julian Proleiko 2131
12 Peter Carroll 2009   Aakaash Meduri 1925

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