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Official Rules of Chess


You're playing an online rated event and due to a mouse slip you drop your queen on g7 instead of f8, instantly turning a win into a loss. That can't affect my rating, can it? You like to utilize 'pre-moves' to save time in your online blitz games. Can you do this in a rated online blitz event? To answer these questions and more, following the adoption at the August Special Delegates Meeting of the newly written Chapter 10: "Rules for Online Tournaments and Matches," US Chess has updated both the print version and Kindle versions of the US Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess, 7th Edition, and both are now available for purchase.  

The print edition is sold exclusively at US Chess Federation Sales (available for pre-order now; shipping by the end of September.)


The Kindle version is sold exclusively at Amazon for $14.99. 

(Note to previous Kindle purchasers: US Chess requested that the updated book be automatically distributed to previous purchasers, but this was denied by Amazon.)

The new chapter is also available for free download here.

Rulebook editor Tim Just's August "Just the Rules" column addresses the new chapter.


What is covered in the new chapter?

Here are the subject headers:

  • Introduction
  • The US Chess Online Rating System
  • Tournament Formats
  • The Chief TD and Assistant TDs
  • The Host System, Software, and Hardware for Online Play
  • Event-specific Rules and TLAs for Online Events
  • Event Registration and Identities of the Players
  • Pairings, Standings, Wall Charts, and Bye Requests
  • Online Chess Clock
  • The Drawn Game
  • Interrupted Games
  • Special Online Move Situations
  • Scorekeeping and .PGN Files
  • Players with Disabilities
  • Submitting Event Results to US Chess


As of 10 am on Saturday, September 26th, the Kindle version has NOT been updated.  Do not try to purchase it yet. The picture of the cover of the book at the Kindle Store shows the new version.  However, the content has not been updated as of this writing.

US Chess needs to let people know when the content itself has been updated.



Note from US Chess: The above does not seem to be the case as far as we can tell. The Kindle version has been updated and available since before this CLO post appeared. However, we are researching further just in case there is an anomaly with some Kindle downloads.

Chess Friends,

I have done a comparison of my Kindle updated version with my paperback copy of the old version of the Rules of Chess.  Upon completing this comparison, the good news is that the Kindle version does contain the latest information.  It simply retains the chapter title, "Internet Chess," rather than adopting the title found in the PDF version of "Rules for Online Tournaments...".

I apologize for any angst created with my previous email.




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