November Check is in the Mail


Gregory Cross of San Antonio, Texas has won CCLA’s 2012 Grand National.   For those unfamiliar with the Grand National, it is a two-round event with each player playing six games in each round,  A score of 4-2 or better is required to advance to the second round.  Gregory finished with a score 11-1 (a weighted score of 46-2) to win the tournament outright.


Gregory’s score of 11-1 was made up of ten wins and two draws.  This fight is an example of a draw occurring when both sides want to win.

Second International Clergy Polish Championship


David McCann of Weslaco, Texas, has finished second in the second international Clergy Polish Championship Tournament.   The tournament is sponsored by the Arch Diocese of Poland but is open to clergy of all faiths around the world.  Readers may be familiar with two other American players in the event, Daniel Horwitz and Paul Berthelot



Trophy Quads

Frank Barrett      14Q05     6-0

John Collins

Carl Gooding  14C18   5-1

Walter Muir

Scott Baker         15W34  4 ½-1 ½

Victor Palciauskas

Joel Levine          14P01   5 ½- ½


Raymond Musselman

Raymond Musselman of Berkeley, California has died.  Raymond carried an Expert’s rating in cc play.


Scott Baker won this one to claim first place in his Walter Muir quad.

Quote:  Playing CC one always has a poker face. – anonymous

Black comes slugging right from the opening bell to score this knockout.


Danny Horwitz narrowly misses taking the leader down.

White plays well until his pieces become possessed around move 21.

When White’s play on the queenside comes to a halt, Black wins on the kingside by pushing Pawns.


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