Nikhil Kumar Defeats Indian Prodigy to Take Clear Lead

20161028_180145After a huge win vs. Indian prodigy IM Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa US team member Nikhil Kumar now holds the clear lead in the Under 12 section of the World Cadets in Batumi, Georgia.

GM Irina Krush tells US Chess, “The key moment in that game was  when Black played 14…c5?, and followed up with 15….Qxc5. This loses two pawns after Kumar plays 16.Nxd5!”

More good news in the Open Under 12: Andrew Hong won his game as well, so we are now first AND second in that section.

In this game, Andrew made a really nice pawn sac with 30.f5!

Andrew and Nikhil face off tomorrow on board one.


Rochelle Wu, sporting Two Sigma jacket

Rochelle Wu won a key game in the Girls Under 10 and is now tied for first with 7.5/9 and two rounds to go.

Jason Wang is also on 7.5/9 in the Open Under 10 after today’s victory.

See full team US standings on chessresults and follow action on chess24 and the official website.

Also follow along on twitter, facebook & Find out more about Two Sigma sponsorship here.  Also see GM Irina Krush’s first piece from Batumi here and her post rest day report here.


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