Newsflash: Yu, Jacobson and Brattain Crowned as Champs in Indiana

IMG_5700 Champion Brandon Jacobson (NJ) vs. Emily Nguyen (Texas) in the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champs
Congrats to our three new champions in Indianapolis! Jennifer Yu (VA) won the National Girls Tournament of Champions with, 5.5/6. Brandon Jacobson (NJ) won the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions with 5.5/6. Mika Brattain, who was featured in an earlier report for a big victory yesterday, won the Denker with 5/6. Find more updates on twitter and look for in-depth reports coming soon from Pete Karagianis and Al Lawrence with photos from Anne Buskirk. Find results  of Denker, Barber and NGTOC here and follow US Open results and pairings here.