Moscow Candidates Comes Down to Karjakin-Caruana

The Moscow Candidates to determine a challenger to Magnus Carlsen comes down to the final round battle on Monday between GMs Sergey Karjakin and Fabiano Caruana. Both players have 7.5 points after a dramatic penultimate round. Anand is a half point behind but can also catch the leaders tomorrow if the game is a draw, and he scores a win vs. Svidler. Karjakin was in trouble against Aronian but managed to hold.

Meanwhile, Caruana had serious chances against Svidler but due to the 50 move rule, was unable to convert.

Nakamura defeated Topalov with Black, looking to end his own tournament on a high note.

Look for an update to this article with full breakdown of possible tiebreak scenarios.

Find more information on the official site and watch the latest episode of Today in Chess produced by the STL Chess Club. 


  1. If a tie for 1st, then either {a} caruana and karjakin — karjakin wins due to more decisive games, or {b} caruana and karjakin and anand — caruana wins.

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