Morning Membership Events to Continue Through August

We are pleased to announce that the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning Membership Events we have been running on, will continue all the way through until the end of August. These events give you the opportunity to play in a US Chess online blitz rated event while also giving you the chance to win a one-year renewal of your current US Chess membership!

We have also added an "August Event Pass" option to enable you to pay one fee and play in as many or as few events as you want in August. There are scheduled to be 13 such events and if you played in all of them, that would be a $15 saving. If you plan to play in at least 10 of the events in August then the pass may make sense to you, otherwise you can still keep entering each event individually for the $5 entry fee. To sign up for the "August Event Pass" please visit

Each event starts at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific and is 4 rounds of blitz at a time control of G/5 +2 second increment per move. Prizes are based on entries and are randomly awarded at the end of each event rather than being performance based. For every 10 entries we receive, there is one additional random drawing for a player to receive a one-year US Chess membership extension, so if we get 10-19 entries there will be one drawing, if we get 20-29 entries there will be two drawings, etc. We also sometimes award free entries into the next event where you can have another shot at winning a one-year US Chess membership extension.

Each event is also streamed live on the US Chess Twitch Channel at and this Wednesday, July 29, WGM Jennifer Shahade will provide some guest commentary for the event as well as possibly award some extra special prizes to participants so make sure to tune in to all the action.

Here is the event format and important information for participation:

  • Registration Link:
  • Registration Cutoff: One hour prior to the start of each event, this allows time to process the entry, confirm US Chess membership and setup in (join Club, join tournament).
  • Format: 4-rounds Swiss, US Chess online blitz rated, US Chess membership required for participation.
  • Time Control: Game/5 minutes +2 second increment per move.
  • Start Time: 11:00 am Eastern/8:00 am Pacific (event will start promptly on time!).
  • Entry Fee: $5.00 per event or $50.00 for the "August Event Pass"
  • Instructions: You will need to join a Club in and then join the tournament. Instructions/links will be provided for each specific event after your registration is processed. You will need to submit your request to join the Club at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament and then join the tournament in the Live Chess system before the start time. Late join's will be permitted but no byes are allowed and if you disconnect from the event, may remove you and it may not be possible for you to rejoin the event.
  • Prizes: Random drawings for US Chess membership extensions at current membership level plus random drawings for free entries into the next Morning Membership Event, based on number of entries.
  • Live Coverage: Each event will be live streamed along with the random drawings to be held upon the completion of each event. Participation in the event is required to be eligible for the random drawing.
  • Anti-Cheating: Each event will be screened using's anti-cheating measures. Players found to be in violation will have their results adjusted accordingly, any prizes won will be revoked, will be subject to's disciplinary process, up to and including removal from, and possibly be subject to a US Chess ethics complaint.

We would like to thank both Events for Chess and for their assistance in making these events possible!