Morning Membership Event from Start to Finish, A TD Guide to Running Online Events

The US Chess Morning Membership Events have been running since June and are currently a weekly online blitz tournament held every Friday morning on The video below is a behind the scenes look at one specific event, Friday, November 6, from the TD perspective going all the way from creation of the club in, creating the registration and online TLA, communicating with the participants (a lot!) via emails, running the actual event and then eventually submitting it for US Chess rating.

The video is not the only way to run an online US Chess rated event, it is just one way that you can do so and hopefully will give TDs who haven't delved into this arena yet a brief overview on what is involved. For anyone who already runs online events, you may find some of the processes I use interesting and adaptable to your own events.

Some items not covered in this video. You will need to have a US Chess affiliate ( and a certified Tournament Director ( To utilize Events4Chess you will need a PayPal account and to set up an account and a sponsor ( The information for US Chess affiliates can be found at


Excellent piece, Chris.  Good initiative to capture this.  Now, let's hope TDs take advantage of this short, but thorough treatment of preparing and running an online event.

r/Mike Hoffpauir
President, US Chess

This is of little use to TD's. It's really for organizers. In a little over an hour it covers what to do before and after, but virtually nothing about what to do during the event. It assumes no player cameras will be in use - an unrealistic assumption - and therefore nothing is said about working with Zoom. - Scott Parker

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