A Merry Chess Christmas From Benko

As US Chess wishes all of our members a Happy Holiday season, Grandmaster Pal Benko challenges you to a few festive problems. Get started with this Mate in Three in the shape of a Christmas tree and move on to an “M” for Merry and a “C” for Christmas.

Mate in Three 

Mate in Four

Mate in Three   

For more problems by Pal Benko, find his biography and collected Games and Compositions on US Chess Sales. 


  1. The solution to the first puzzle is partially incorrect. after 1…Kc5 2. c8Q+ doesn’t lead to a mate in 3. Instead 2. Kb7! forces 2…Kc4, resulting in a mate in 3 with either 3. c8=Q# or 3. c8=R# 🙂

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