The May Check Is in the Mail

    Carl Siefring — Grandmaster

Carl Siefring of Owings, Maryland, has completed his journey to the title of International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster.  He began his quest domestically by tying for third in the 2004 Electronic Knights championship and then moved on to international play, earning the ICCM title in 2011.

He added to both accomplishments the following year with a win in a Walter Muir Masters section and, in 2013, due to his international accomplishments earned a Senior International Masters title. He played on Board 2 in the 20th Olympiad Team Championships for the US. Following that,  he earned a silver medal in the Tenth Pan American Team play on first board and followed that up with a tie for fist place in the Nineteenth  USCCC.  And now the title is his—Grandmaster Carl Siefring.

Played in true International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster style.

“I don’t have the patience for correspondence or the hands for bullet.”

-Magnus Carlsen on limiting himself to three world titles—standard, blitz, and rapid.


            Walter Muir

                Juan Lopez       16W21     5 ½-½

            John Collins

                 Wayne Wisdom   16C09   6-0

                 Daniel Tulloh       15C03  6-0

            Trophy Quad

                 John Terrall        15Q05    5-1

            Swift Quad

                Andrew Leonard  16SQ08  5½-½



Arthur Bisquier

Arthur Bisguier, born October 8, 1929, died April 5, 2017.  Arthur was primarily an OTB player, a Grandmaster,  twice US Junior Champion, three time US Open Champion, and in 1954, US Champion.   But what I most remember Arthur for happened in 1958 when I was a sophomore in high school.  An ad in Chess Life announced that he would play a correspondence chess game for $15.  My parents paid for the game, and, ever since, then I have been hooked on correspondence play.  Where else could a teenage boy in a rural community sixty years ago be in contact with the greats?  Thank you, Arthur.


James Savage

James Savage of Phoenix Arizona was born 8/15/1949.


J. Zeppa

Anthony (A.J.) Zeppa, a Master at correspondence chess was born February 26, 1940, died April 3, 2017.



Some games of chess are like a ballet, graceful, eloquent.   What wild music would best frame this game?

White had a lot of fun in this game.  Black not so much.



Black resigns rather than see his Pawns annihilated one by one.

The d6 square is often critical in the Sicilian Defense.

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