The March Check is in the Mail

Samir Alazawi, originally from Baghdad, Iraq, and now of Carmichael, California, has won the 2013 Electronic Knights Championship.   Samir took a difficult path to the title scoring an undefeated 5-1 in the preliminary round, but then failing to qualify in the semifinal round.  Samir was given a second chance at life by being chosen to round out the Finals section.  Here Samir showed his full powers by scoring 5 ½- ½ in the final round to ease into first place and become the 2013 Electronic Knights Champion.


Trophy Quads

Lance Schuttenhelm  15Q06  6-0


Leonard Gilley of North Yarmouth, ME, died December 20, 2016.

Joop van Oosterom

Two-time World champion Joop Van Oosterom has died.  Van Oosterom won the world correspondence title in 2005 and 2008.

Each year I select the best games published in this newsletter, one by a Master and the other by a non-master.  This year the candidates are, in the Master category Ellis-Corkum, March and Lillien-Connelly, July.  And the winner is Tim Corkum!

In the non-Master group the nominees are Mullen-Hiber, March, and Babcock-McCann in May.  The winner is Doug McCann.   Winners please contact Joan DuBois for your $100 prize money.


When White misses good drawing chances with 34. g3, Black powers on to win.


Games from 2013 E-Knights

Black plays the French like a champion.

Sharp play by both sides make for an entertaining game.


White’s play is very classical.  Black’s play is very original.  Who would have guessed a draw would be the outcome

White wins this ending with the two Bishops by giving up one of them.


  1. I am still hoping that Alex & the staff update the soft ware so the board can rotate. Other than that u guys do a very good job!!

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