Ladies Knight with US Chess Creative Director Francesca Butler [PODCAST]

Frankie Butler, US Chess Creative Director

Jennifer Shahade invites US Chess Creative Director Frankie Butler on a very special episode of Ladies Knight. The talented designer and art director talks to Jennifer about her expanding role at US Chess and her passion for design and graphics. Jennifer and Frankie even reveal how their own friendship predates their work at US Chess. They were neighbors back in their Brooklyn loft days, when Frankie was an art director for Harper Collins.

Frankie gives advice to chess personalities and streamers looking to craft a coherent brand. She also talks about her work on US Chess across social media, including linkedintwitter  and Instagram. Jennifer and Frankie also discuss the changing course of the US Chess Women brand as they explore a shift from a red and black palette to electric blue and magenta.

Frankie talks about the recent hit covers with Anya Taylor Joy, as well as the Chess Boom cover centered on GM Hikaru Nakamura. She also throws back to some old favorites, like Grandmaster Irina Krush’s beach cover shoot, and Fun Master Mike Klein’s Attacking Moves cover.  

You can stay up to date with Frankie on linkedin and twitter. You can find out about our US Chess Women programs, including a weekly girls club and women’s classes at We appreciate every donation and renewal.

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Beth Harmon, on the cover of Chess Life
CL Cover Mike Klein, Attacking Moves

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