Ladies Knight with Rusa Goletiani [PODCAST]

Rusudan Goletiani at the Saint Louis Chess Club
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Rusudan Goletiani, Photo by Spectrum Studios/Saint Louis Chess Club

Jennifer welcomes International Master Rusudan Goletiani to Ladies Knight. Goletiani is a three-time World Youth Champion, a two-time Olympic medalist and a former US Women's Champion- she took Jennifer's title in 2005!   

Rusudan recently gave a riveting presentation in the girls club at the K-12 Nationals in Orlando, Florida, about the struggles she encountered on the way to her successful life and career.  In 1992, Rusa fled her region of Georgia, Abkhazia, due to war. She explains the dramatic story to Jennifer in the podcast, revealing the most terrifying moments of her life during her escape, as well as the most relieving. 

Rusa and Jen also discuss the legendary Georgian champions that inspired her as a youngster, including Nona Gaprindashvili, Maia Chiburdanidze, Nana Ioseliani and Nana Alexandria. All four were featured in the recent documentary "Glory to the Queen."

They wrap up with a discussion on the importance of confidence and girls and chess and its applications beyond the game. 

Beyond her chess accomplishments, Rusudan is a mom of three, a Columbia University business grad, and currently works in finance. 

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