Kostya’s Game of the Day: August 7th

IM Kostya Kavutskiy will be presenting an annotated Game of the Day each day over the course of the 120th US Open. Today he analyzes a Round 6 matchup in the Denker between FM Justin Paul and NM Dex Webster.

Kostya Kavutskiy (photo Maya Nelson)

Kostya writes:

Today’s game was very well executed by NM Webster, and is a model for dynamic play. After a few inaccurate moves in the opening from his opponent, Black found a simple way to grab the initiative. He then followed up in the most energetic way, boldly sacrificing a pawn for a seemingly vague lead in development. However his evaluation was spot on–the position was intensely difficult for White–and after an error Webster found an elegant combination to finish the game in a mating attack.


  1. Played young Dex and his brother many games at the Friday night Pizza house in New Orleans years back. Always thought he was bound for greatness! Well done lad!

  2. On doit admirer le sang-froid de Dex en son 32e coup qui a un double sens : dire echec, mais surtout condamner le R N à mourir sur la colonne h ! Dex ira loin !

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