Kostya’s Game of the Day: August 11th

IM Kostya Kavutskiy will be presenting an annotated Game of the Day each day over the course of the 120th U.S. Open.  Today he analyzes a game by the eventual winner, GM Illia Nyzhnyk.

Kostya writes:

With all of the other games between the leaders ending in draws, the critical game of the penultimate Round 8 turned out to be GM Illia Nyzhnyk’s win over IM Daniel Fernandez. The game was strategically very complex, with lots of changes in the structure throughout. Black had chances to hold, but a hasty pawn push a couple of moves before the time-control all but sealed his fate. Another fantastic technical effort from Nyzhnyk.


  1. When Illia Nyzhnyk returns home to his native country after completing his education here in the United States he will have left a lasting impression on American chess players.

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