Key Players from US Chess Contribute to FIDE Reform Efforts

With the election of Russian Arkady Dvorkovich to the FIDE Presidency and the promise of reform within the chess world’s governing body, US Chess again has a voice within FIDE in several key roles. Our current US Chess President Allen Priest has been elected to the Verification Commission and two recent past US Chess Presidents have been elected to the Ethics Commission (Ruth Haring, who is also our USA Zonal President) and Constitutional Commission (Gary Walters).

Michael Khodarkovsky, US Chess’ FIDE Delegate, has been elected as a Vice President to FIDE’s Presidential Board.

Haring states, “The fact that we were able to get three US Chess Presidents elected to key FIDE commissions is a testament to our efforts to help reform FIDE. Having Michael elected VP on the Presidential Board is a significant accomplishment given his long term status as our Delegate to FIDE.”

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