Ju Wenjun Defies Odds to Defend World Championship Title

Ju Wenjun retained her World Championships title, More photos https://ugra2018.fide.com/

Grandmaster Ju Wenjun defied the odds to defend her World Championship title for the second time in 2018. She won a match in May vs. Tan Zhongyi and then again battled for the crown in a 64-player knockout tournament held November 3-23 in Khanty-Mansiysk. Although Ju Wenjun was technically the rating favorite in the event, there were over a dozen players within a hundred points of her, most of them Grandmasters, all with a dream to dethrone her. Our own Irina Krush battled Ju Wenjun in round two, and can now at least say that she was eliminated by the eventual champion.

Kateryna Lagno was in good shape against Ju Wenjun after she won the second game of the four-game match. Ju Wenjun almost struck back to win a thriller in game three. In game four, with Black, the Chinese gold medallist did manage to force the match into rapid tiebreak. GM Elshan Moradiabadi analyzes the thrilling contest from the classical time control games to the rapid tiebreak that enthralled the chess world on a rest day from Carlsen-Caruana.

Find more information and photos on the official website. 

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