Jason Liang wins US Chess 2022 Grand Prix

Jason Liang
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Jason Liang (courtesy subject)


Finishing in clear first place, IM Jason Liang won the US Chess 2022 Grand Prix with 222.68 tournament points. GM Brandon Jacobson was second with 177.20 points, ahead of IM John Bryant in third with 166.43 points. 

The top ten finishers for the 2022 Grand Prix are:

  1. IM Jason Liang – 222.68
  2. GM Brandon Jacobson – 177.20
  3. IM John D Bryant – 166.43
  4. IM Semen Khanin – 152.35
  5. GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez – 137.17
  6. IM Mykola Bortnyk – 127.25
  7. FM Danila Poliannikov – 124.26
  8. GM Mark Paragua – 121.20
  9. GM Alexander Fishbein – 103.43
  10. GM Andrew Tang – 103.28

Info on the top finishers for the 2022 Junior Grand Prix to come shortly.

The 2023 US Chess Grand Prix is currently underway. View the current standings here.

For more information about the US Chess Grand Prix, including prize structure and participation requirements, visit https://new.uschess.org/us-chess-grand-prix-program.


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