Happy Thanksgiving from US Chess and Benko

Happy Thanksgiving from US Chess! We reiterate our thanks from an email sent yesterday to our membership for being the best part of who we are as an organization. We are also grateful to Flynn Signs for the beautiful new billboard above which greets visitors to Crossville, TN on 1-40.

As you enjoy time with family and friends, be sure to tune in to Four-time US Chess Champ Yasser Seirawan’s special Thanksgiving stream on https://www.twitch.tv/chessbrah in honor of his friend Dennis Waterman.

Afterwards, solve these Turkey Day twin mates composed by Grandmaster Pal Benko.

White to Mate in Three

White to Mate in Four 


  1. Does no one else think these phzzles are stupid, i mean come one whites up 50 peices who cares if its mate in three vs four, white is obviously going to win no matter what rating they are. These puzzles dont teach you anything

    • The ‘puzzles’ are stupid? I mean come ‘on’, White’s not up 50 ‘pieces’, ‘it’s’ impossible. You don’t learn anything, like exactitude in thinking, being able to find a mate in three moves ‘vs.’ four moves. Of course, these articles are rather dull and ‘bare bones’, compared to the articles that I used to write on composed chess problems.

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