Grandmaster Judit Polgar to Appear in US Chess Women Girls Club

Grandmaster Judit Polgar, the top female chessplayer in history, will appear our US Chess Women girls club on June 3. The legendary champion is also an author and an Educational Ambassador for the Play Magnus Group, and will answer the girls questions about her career, inspiration and favorite memories. 

In a session warm-up, Jennifer Shahade showed over 70 girls some tactical highlights from Judit's career. She also welcomed her friend NM Ben Johnson, host of the Perpetual Podcast, who talked about how to ask good questions. Jennifer also gave the girls a fun Judit Polgar Trivia quiz on "Nine Truths and a Lie", which you can play along with on twitter. 


Judit Polgar graphic

Girls can sign up for the class here, which starts at 3:30 PM ET. The event is eligible to US Chess Members (renew or join here).  

You can now play a computer version of Judit at various ages of her career on the Play Magnus app. Download it here!  Follow Judit on twitter and her website.