A Good Week for Summer Chess Academy

Congratulations to the US Amateur Team Champions, Summer Chess Academy for Talented Youth. They won the US Amateur Team Playoffs, held on April 22 on the Internet Chess Club, first defeating Mode Beast of the South in the semifinals and then XcellChess from the West in the finals. Xcell Chess won against Fake Moves from the North in the semis.

To cap off an excellent week for the four young chess champs, their Chess Life Magazine cover was just released. The cover design, based on a photo by Vanessa Sun show the team after their big victory in NJ: Warren Wang, Board 3, Jason Li, board 4, Ethan Li, Board 1, and Wesley Wang, Board 2.

Find key victories by Academy for Chess Success below, and see the US Chess story on their US Amateur Team East victory which qualified them for the playoffs. 

The secret to their success? They largely attributed it to teamwork…With two brothers and a close relationship besides that, there was an extremely strong bond with the players. They found that they were able to rely on each other throughout the tournament.

Look for the magazine cover story, also by Vanessa Sun, available to members on  uschess.org on May 1st.

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