GM Barbosa wins 141st New York State Championship

GM Oliver Barbosa scored 5-1 to win the 2019 New York State Championship, taking home the $2,100 first prize and State Champion title.  The 2019 event drew 189 players in six sections, all playing for a prize fund of $15,000, and the Championship section had 44 players with 21 players rated over 2200.

The tournament started off with several surprises that show how competitive the tournament would be. The combination of upsets and draws in the first two rounds meant that at the merge there were only six perfect scores:  GM Oliver Barbosa, IMs David Brodsky and Vitaly Bachin, FM Robert Sulman, and NMs Zachary Tanenbaum and Jason Liang.  Brodsky drew with Liang and Bachin defeated Sulman. Barbosa defeated Tanenbaum on board one, a game that Barbosa considers his best of the event and that he annotates for CLO.

This meant that there were only two perfect scores going into round four.  GM Barbosa and IM Bachin faced off on board one in a game that ended in a draw.  IM Brodsky caught up by defeating Joseph Zeltsan, with the result that Barbosa, Brodsky, and Bachin would be tied for first going into the final day’s games. Several players were a half point back including GM Mark Paragua, FM Ben Dean-Kawamura, and NMs Zachary Tanenbaum, William Graif, Jason Liang and Stanislav Busygin.

In the penultimate round, Barbosa defeated Brodsky on board one and Bachin lost to Paragua on board two.

With Tannenbaum defeating Dean-Kawamura, Barbosa sat in clear first place headed into the last round with only two players trailing by a half point:  GM Paragua and NM Tanenbaum.

Paying a second consecutive game with white because Paragua had a forced black, Barbosa only needed a draw in the last round, and he got it, ensuring at least a piece of first place. Tanenbaum could have caught Barbosa with a win over Brodsky, but he could only draw, giving him shared second place along with   GM Paragua,  IM Bachin, NM Graif and NM Jason Liang.  Each of the players tied for second won $600.

The section winners were:


Dore Sheppard, Tofig Musayev, & Ruizhong Wang, 5-1, $600


Jared Schwartz, 5.5-0.5, $1000


Justin Trey, 5.5-0.5. $900


John Femia & Nathan Shaffer, 5-1, $500

Mixed Doubles

Kiley Mitchell and Jason Liang, 8 points, $250 to each player


Jimmy Heiserman, 7.5-0.5, $150

NTD Steve Immitt directed for Continental Chess assisted by Bill Goichberg.

Previous Continental Chess tournaments can be found at the Continental Chess website at

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