The Gang’s All Here: Day 5 in Orlando

With today’s start of the 4-Day schedule, all Open players are now in the competition.

The 4-Day schedule sees four games of G/60 action today, followed by two G/60 games tomorrow, after which all schedules merge Friday night. The 4-Day schedule is also stacked, as we see in these photos taken before Round 1.

The first rounds of the 4-Day is ongoing as this goes to press, but you can always keep up with results and pairings at our U.S. Open information site.

Meanwhile, the Six-Day is also playing its fourth round at this hour. Seven perfect scores remain after yesterday’s Rounds 2 and 3: GM Illia Nyzhnyk, GM Elshan Moradiabadi, IM Bryce Tiglon, Chao Zhang, FM Justin Paul, Emily Nguyen, and Dex Webster. Nyzhnyk plays White against Zhang in Round 4, while Moradiabadi has Black against Paul.

Top Boards in the Six-Day for Rd 4

Nyzhnyk has breezed through the first three rounds, with no game going longer than 32 moves. Moradiabadi had to conjure some magic to stay perfect in Round 2, where he managed to win a drawn ending again Pranav Prem.

David Vigorito (photo Hartmann)

IM David Vigorito pulled off an even more spectacular feat in Round 2, drawing a position against Daniel Reilly that the engine gives as +13.

The 9-Day continues to chug along, and tonight will mark its sixth round of play. Three players are at 4.5/5: GMs Kamil Dragun and Victor Mikhalevski, who played a quintessential “Grandmaster Draw” in last night’s fifth round, and Martin Hansen. Hansen defeated Andrew Miller to claim his share of first place.

Behind them are 11 players at 4/5, including GM Jim Tarjan and FM Macon Shilbut. Tarjan is scheduled to play Black tonight against Dragun, while Shilbut gets Mikhalevski with White.

Side Events

J. Timothy Sage won the 2019 U.S. G/15 Championship with a perfect 5/5. Two players – Dalton Perrine and Daniel Cheng – tied for 2nd place with 4/5.

Winners in the Wednesday Quads were, by section:
P: Daniel Brashaw; Q: James Weisz; R: Varshini Venkat.

Delegates Meetings

The Delegates Meetings continue today, with the Executive Board meeting in Open Session this morning

Other meetings included the Rules Committee, the Governance Task Force, and the Accessibility & Special Circumstances Committee.

Flying on a jetplane…

Finally, IM Kostya Kavutskiy’s Game of the Day series will not appear today, as he is travelling to Orlando to co-host the U.S. Open livestream with IM Eric Rosen beginning tomorrow night. He will present a ‘two-fer’ in tomorrow’s edition.

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