Free Webinar for Chess Educators, February 26, 2023 at 8:00 ET

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The Chess in Education Committee of US Chess is hosting its monthly webinar on Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET. The event is free and participation is limited to the first 500 registrants.

February’s webinar is focused on Teaching in Middle and High School Chess Programs. Adam Porth, President of the Idaho Chess Association, will present on teaching high school chess. Bryan Tillis, President of the Florida Chess Association, will present on teaching middle school chess. Read more about what each session will entail below, and register to attend here.


I. Teaching High School Chess

Do you want to create great chess players but don't feel you are skilled enough? Great players will find their way, but if they were never taught how to play to begin with, they certainly won't. I want to provide students with opportunities that will encourage the love and learning of chess. I am Adam Porth, President of the Idaho Chess Association and a science teacher at Kellogg High School in northern Idaho. Since 1996, I have been a public high school teacher who also encourages high schoolers to play chess to exercise their decision-making, discover a passion, and have fun. I have also developed a chess culture in several public high schools where I have worked. Chess stereotypes inhibit teens from plunging into the chess world. So, it is important to recognize the fragile nature of building successful chess clubs and developing activities that allow students the opportunity to grow as players without losing focus or interest. In this webinar, my goal is to provide you with some of my diverse experiences. Here are topics I will present:

  •  How to attract high school chess players.
  •  How to create a chess culture in your school.
  •  Activities that keep their interest.
  •  Resources that are high-school appropriate.
  •  How to get the next level started.


II. Teaching Middle School Chess

Are you looking for teaching ideas to inspire your chess students? Bryan Tillis is a FIDE Trainer, National Master, President of the Florida Chess Association, and a seasoned US Chess and FIDE tournament organizer/arbiter. He is a well-known author on Chessable and has a passion for chess improvement. As a certified educator and classroom teacher, he has coached teams and individuals to success at state and national levels. In this webinar, he will share insights into his programs. Here are a few of the planned topics:

  •  Retention strategies, activities, and lessons to keep the students engaged
  •  Differentiated instruction strategies and adapting teacher resources
  •  Addressing: “How can I work with students who are better than I am?”
  •  Relating to students to help foster enjoyment for the game
  •  Scaling up competition utilizing and/or

After brief introductory presentations, webinar participants will be provided an opportunity to interact in breakout rooms. Register today.