Four Grandmasters Tied Going into US Open Final Round

Photo Henk Prinsloo

Four Grandmasters are tied with 7/8 going into the final round of the US Open in Madison, Wisconsin. All four won their penultimate games, with Fishbein taking down a higher rated Grandmaster, Jorge Cori in a line of the Sicilian he knew well from years of playing similar structures in the 6.Be2 Sicilian. “Sometimes experience is worth a lot too”, he commented in a post mortem analysis session on our Twitch feed (which will also be live today starting at 4 ET). Fishbein explained that he realized the idea of e5 was even stronger with a bishop on g2, as opposed to on f3 in traditional Be2 Sicilian structures.

Timur Gareyev, who joined the leaders’ circle with a win over Andrey Stukopin was recognized earlier that day for his outstanding achievements in blindfold chess.

In the final round Fishbein plays Li with White while Liang faces Gareyev.

Awonder Liang, Photo Henk Prinsloo

Let us know who you think we prevail to take the trophy, the title, and the coveted US Chess Championships spot and follow along on and  


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