The February Check is in the Mail

The Check Is in the Mail
February 2019

Somnath Mukherjee

It’s a three-peat for Colorado champion Somnath Mukherjee, winning the championship in 2016, 2017, and with a perfect 6-0 score in 2018.


2018 Colorado State Championship


Walter Muir

Johnny Owens   18W10    5-1
Patrick Walsh     18W14   6-0

John Collins

John Chartier    16C06   5-1

Swift Quad

David Will     18SQ05        4-2
Cesar Tamondong  18SQ06  5 ½-½
Patrick Walsh     18SQ07   5 ½-½

Quote:  Players with good positional understanding but who are weak on tactics have a chance to shine in correspondence play, where the time to think and the ability to move the pieces on the board allows one to sort through the most opaque tactical mess. — Graham Burgess


Bids are still being taken for the 2019 Absolute Championship.  The top 13 rated players who apply will be accepted.  Remember that the US Absolute is our only US correspondence chess event that allows the use of consulting with computers to generate moves.

If you would like to play in this free e-mail  championship, send in your request to [email protected].

18W10 Walter Muir Championship

Johnny Owens


Crawford Daniels of Pittsburgh, PA, born September 13, 1947 died July 10, 2018.

Crawford Daniels

Joseph Lewis of Baton Rouge, LA, born 28 October 1941, died December 2018.

Joseph engages in a wild struggle against Vladimir Pashkov.

Patrick Walsh engineers a steady and  successful  attack against a beleaguered Black King.

North America/ Pacific Zone Championship

Adel Faridani of Philomath, Oregon has won the 6th North America. Pacific Zone Championship with an undefeated 11-5 score.  Fandani finished ahead of second place John Adams of Salem, Oregon and third place Oliver Koo of Munroe Falls, Ohio.

Adel Faridani

Sharp and accurate play brings home the point.


Black’s troubles begin with the over-aggressive 23. … Ne4 instead of the calmer 23. … Rd8.

When David meets Goliath, sometimes Goliath wins.

When Black attacks an unguarded piece, a few White attacking moves wins one.

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