Caruana Wins Roller Coaster to Claim Lead in Berlin

Kramnik vs. Caruana, with comedian Matthias Deutschmann making the first move, Photo

After a rollercoaster of a victory against former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, American Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana is in the clear lead in the Candidates in Berlin. The game began as a quiet Petrov and exploded with complications that seemed in Fabi’s favor. After the time control, the advantage shifted to Kramnik and his formidable passed a-pawn. The tables turned several more times until a fatal 59th move by the Russian wildcard candidate, Rd1?

This lemon allows 59..Ral+ 60. Kc2 Rxd1 61. Kxd1 h2, with an unstoppable h-pawn in view of the blocking idea …Bh4.

Look for more analysis of this incredible fight of twists and turns, but for now, it’s a good one to test your own calculation skills.

Photo Brian C Glover


  1. hold on a minute, if I did my calculations correctly, Caruana should be in first place undisputed bc going into the round, Kramnik was in first with 2./3, with Caruana and shak in second at 2/3. caruana beat Kramnik and shak tied, so shouldnt caruana be in first????

  2. Chess is cruel can make you sometimes happy and sometimes sad depending on the outcome of the game !!!

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