Expert Brandon Wang Wins Bradley Open with Breakout Performance

Brandon Wang

Brandon Wang had a phenomenal performance in the 21st Bradley Open scoring 4-0 with a half point bye and tying for first with GM Michael Rohde and winning $825.  He was paired up 3 out of 4 games, but he won them all and had a performance rating of 2233 and gained over 100 rating points!  In the final two rounds on Sunday, Wang defeated GM Alexander Ivanov and FM Christopher Chase.

One of the ironies of Wang’s performance is that he almost did not play.  Brandon had been experiencing some tough results of late in his last four tournaments and he dropped nearly 100 rating points from his all time peak rating of 2079.  He gained all that back in one tournament (plus some) and has a new peak crossing 2100 for the first time.  One of the reasons Brandon decided to play was that he won 9 months of free entries to CCA tournaments at this year’s Kasparov New York City Scholastics.  He certainly put that prize to good use this weekend!

As mentioned, there was another co-champion, GM Michael Rohde.  Rohde had a “routine” Saturday starting with 3-0 against experts and class A players.  On Saturday morning, he defeated FM Chase in the following game.

In the last round, Rohde drew FM Josh Colas who had already taken a half point by.  The only person who could possibly catch Rohde was Wang, but it seemed unlikely that he would beat FM Chase even though he had just beaten Ivanov.  It certainly looked like Rohde’s 4 ½ points would be good for clear first.  But there is a reason we play the game:

The Bradley Open has been going on for 21 years.  This year’s event had an $8000 prize fund which drew 149 players including two GMs, three FMs, 1 WFM and three NMs in the 40 player open section.

Other section winners were:

Under 2010

Andrew Colwell 5-0 $800

Under 1710

Rishabh Vuthamaraju 4 ½ – ½ $700

Under 1310

Helena Servin- Demarris 5-0 $400

Mixed Doubles

Helena Servin- Demarris  5-0 & Akobirkhon Saydaliev 4-1  $150 each

Blitz Tournament

FM Joshua Colas 7-1 $80



  1. I am Brandon’s father. Estimating performance rating for a perfect tournament is a shaky practice, as the FIDE algorithm apparently used in the article just adds a small amount to opponents’ average rating. But if you are not friends and family and are reading this, you probably already know about the limitations of performance rating estimation. I would like to thank Continental Chess Association for running so many tournaments within driving distance and particularly for the generous sponsorship of free entry prizes for the Greater NYC Scholastic tournament hosted by the Kasparov Foundation. The second place prize saved us a bundle and gave us a reason to keep going when Brandon was having trouble to win even a single evenly matched game over a long span.

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