Executive Board Nominating Committee Election

On Saturday, September 26, US Chess held a Special Delegates Meeting for the singular purpose of electing members to the new Nominating Committee. The Nomination Committee will have 8 members – 6 appointed by the Delegates and 2 appointed by the Executive Board. The Nominating Committee was created to broaden the candidate pool for US Chess Executive Board elections.

The top six candidates receiving votes will serve as members of the Nominating Committee:

Michelle Martinez (AZ) – 81 Votes

Sophia Rohde (NY) – 80 Votes

David Grimaud (SC) – 77 Votes

Daaim Shabazz (FL) – 76 Votes

Chris Wainscott (WI) – 66 Votes

Randy Hough (CA-S) – 57 Votes

Jonathon Singler (AK) – 33 Votes

Steve Morford (CA-S) – 31 Votes

In addition, there were several write-in candidates, each of whom received 1 vote: Brian Glover, Rachel Liebermann, Jim Mennella, Allen Priest, Dylan Quercia, Tim Redman.

The Executive Board has appointed two additional members to the Nominating Committee, Joy Bray (MO) and Hal Sprechman (NJ).

Congratulations to the inaugural members of the Nominating Committee, who will begin their work on identifying candidates for the Executive Board for the 2021 election.

Video of this meeting is available here:

Part I

Part II