Donaldson Wins Botvinnik Award

International Master John Donaldson has been awarded the prestigious “Mikhail Botvinnik Award” by FIDE for his work as trainer and Captain of U.S. teams in international competition.

Donaldson, as the FIDE press release notes, has long served as Captain for U.S. teams in both Olympiads and World Team events. His steadying presence has been lauded by team members, and one cannot argue with the results: the U.S. team has won Gold and Silver in the last two Olympiads, and Donaldson piloted a weakened team in the 2019 World Teams to a surprising fifth place finish.

US Chess congratulates John Donaldson on this well-deserved recognition.

For more on Donaldson, check out his interviews with Ben Johnson at the Perpetual Chess Podcast:


  1. JD belongs in the USCF Chess Hall of Fame. Of course, it will never happen through usual channels, since John is also on the HOF nominating committee, and way too modest to ever take part in his own nomination. But, really now, someone with authority please find a work around.

  2. Fantastic news about a fantastic half century in the service of chess..always here there and everywhere…the sticky notes and glue of world chess teams.A GIANT IN THE SHADOWS /MR. COOL DUDE….lives forever in world chess literature to boot. Mr. Donaldson is the real deal folks … knows where the bodies are in world chess history. He could start his own backyard cemetery. Jude Acers/ New Orleans Ps Mr. Donaldson was the only person with the late dying chess promo legend Alan Benson in the hospital. typical concern/duty and world class from this staggering chess giant….the man just hides in the corner.

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