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Alex Dunne
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FM Alex Dunne in an archival photo.

Alex Dunne has retired as US Chess Correspondence Chess Director due to suffering a stroke which has made him incapable of performing the duties associated with the position. Chris Bird will be the fill in for Alex and is now starting to work his way through a backlog of items relating to correspondence chess (CC) and your patience is appreciated during this transition of duties. Any issues should be sent to him at If something must be mailed, please send to:

US Chess, Attn: Correspondence Chess, PO Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557

Please share this information with anyone you may be in contact with who does not have Internet service and may not receive this notice.

There is a significant backlog of CC work. US Chess appreciates your patience as we work through a transition. The Executive Board is forming a task force in December to decide on a long-term strategy.

Be on the lookout for an article about Alex coming soon.


It is indeed sad; although I never me him , his columns as well as his coordination of postal events will never be forgotten. Get well soon

Every month I always looked forward to his magazine "The Check is in the Mail". I would hope someone picks up where he has left off.

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