Corrales and Brattain Win in Indianpolis

GM Fidel Corrales and SM Mika Brattain won the 14th Annual Indianapolis Open (August 23-25, Indianapolis) with a score of 4.5-0.5, each taking home a first place prize of $1300. Corrales also won an extra $100 for better tiebreaks.

This year’s event was one of the largest in the tournament’s history. 225 players in six sections fought it out for their share of the $15,000 prize fund. The 39 players in the major section included two GMs, three FMs, and a total of 13 players rated over 2200.

There were a few upsets in the opening two rounds, but the top players for the most part avoided surrendering any points to lower rated players. Headed to the merge, there were seven players with perfect scores: GMs Alex Lenderman & Fidel Corrales, SM Mika Brattain, FM Gabriel Petesch, NM Dimitar Mardov, Deshawn Kelley and Jonathan Gollapudi.

The GMs both won, but all the other players drew. GM Lenderman defeated FM Petesch and GM Corrales defeated NM Mardov in a what he believes was his best game of the tournament. Corrales graciously annotated several of his best games for CLO.

Because Brattain and Kelley drew and Gollapudi drew with Stephen Adams, only the two GMs had perfect scores heading into Sunday.

Lenderman had white versus Corrales and was playing to win, but Corrales held his own and was probably just a little bit better when they agreed to a draw just prior to move 30.

The draw on board one allowed Brattain to catch up as he defeated Gollapudi. In the final round, Lenderman would have black against Brattain. Corrales had a more favorable pairing, as he was paired down to NM Justin Storn and had white. Brittain defeated Lenderman and assured himself of at least a tie for first.

Lenderman was very gracious in defeat. His philosophy was that he was working on his game, and it was better to make mistakes in this event rather than the two GM events coming up on his schedule.

Corrales defeated Storn to also tie for first.

Both Brattain and Corrales added to their winnings by tying for the mixed doubles prize, and Corrales added even more by taking second place in the blitz tournament.

The section winners were:


Ben Boaz, 4.5-0.5, $1200


Eric Henry, 4.5-0.5, $1200


Nick Romeo & Ben Finkel, 4.5-0.5, $800


Travis Daniel, 4.5-0.5, $900


Daniel Kim, 4.5-0.5, $700

Mixed Doubles

GM Fidel Corrales & Celina Zhou and Mika Brattain & Sneha Prebu, 7.5 points, $150 to each player


FM Gabriel Petesch 7-1, $95

NTD David Hater directed for Continental Chess assisted by Bill Buklis and Nicholas Ostroskiy.

Previous Continental Chess tournaments can be found at the Continental Chess website at


    • Mardov is in fact a master rated 2255 (official rating at the event). I did not notice the typo in the chessbase field when the games were submitted to me. I apologize for the oversight.

      David Hater

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